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Unlock Capital

Enness specialises in helping corporate firms and HNWI access finance, no matter how complicated or convoluted your scenario. With proven experience building finance packages to your exact specifications, Enness can source a financing solution for you, even when others have failed.

Solve Problems

Sometimes, you’ll need to access finance to overcome a problem or tide you over. Whatever you’re faced with and however much you want to borrow, Enness can help you use your assets to secure a finance package to get you out of a tight spot.

Pursue Opportunities

Unlocking opportunities requires capital. Whether you are a business looking to grow or an individual looking to increase your wealth, Enness will help you use your assets to unlock the liquidity you need to reach your goals.

Borrow Cross-Border

For businesses or individuals that have global interests and assets, finding a lender that can cater to cross-border deals is a challenge. Enness will source and negotiate finance packages for international deals, allowing capital to be deployed globally.

Timely Solutions

Time is always of the essence, so Enness will negotiate solutions and deliver deals quickly. Enness sources finance packages that provide the capital you need today and serve your needs in the short, medium and long term.

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Case Study I

Who: A globally mobile, ultra-high-net-worth couple

Assets: Global properties, a family business group, fine art, income from a trust

A globally mobile, ultra-high-net-worth couple approached Enness as they were looking to buy a high-value holiday home in London. The couple had lots of assets and several revenue streams. However, as they were not UK residents, they struggled to find a lender that would let them borrow. Enness secured a very competitive mortgage for them, securing a 70% loan-to-value mortgage on the prime central London property.

Later, the couple approached Enness because they wanted to buy out an external investor in one of their family’s business entities. Despite their very significant net worth ($35+ million), they didn’t have the capital available to allow them to buy out their business partner as their wealth was invested, tied up in the business and their properties. A leading private bank had turned them down for a loan. Enness looked at the couple’s assets and was able to secure a bridging loan against one of the couple’s holiday homes in St. Tropez, creating £3.3 million to buy out their business partner. 

The wife, a beneficiary of a trust, had inherited a small fine art collection from her parents. The collection had immense sentimental value, and she planned to pass the art on to her children. However, she wanted to add modern pieces and sculptures to her collection, which were more to her personal taste. Using her existing collection as collateral, Enness secured a loan to allow her to buy a piece of modern art at auction by an acclaimed artist. She planned to pay back the loan using income from the trust and salary derived from the businesses she ran with her husband, accrued over several months and overseen by her accounting team.

Case Study II

Who: A successful business owner and avid investor

Assets: Significant wealth tied up in a privately held business, a small portfolio of investment properties  and mainstream cryptocurrencies. 

The client first approached Enness to negotiate a loan to grow their business. They wanted to move away from lending personal capital to their company as they were keen to create a more solid boundary between personal and business finances, especially given that the owner was thinking about selling the company at some point. Enness secured a significant loan against the company’s warehoused stock and through a share pledge over the client’s ownership entity.

The same client was interested in expanding their property portfolio. The client already owned some investment property but hadn’t developed property before. However, they identified a fantastic opportunity that required refurbishing a multi-family residence. The individual had sourced a professional team to manage the project and had a professional business plan and budget drawn up. Enness was able to source a lender that was comfortable lending significant finance to the individual as a first-time developer, allowing them to buy and refurbish the property. The client planned to refinance after the development was completed, and Enness was also able to negotiate this for them, in addition to the initial development finance.

The individual was an early investor in a mainstream cryptocurrency that had greatly appreciated in the past couple of years. The client didn’t want to sell their coins, given the potential for future appreciation. Using a crypto loan brokered by Enness, the client pledged some of their cryptocurrencies in return for a loan they used to buy other securities for a medium-term investment that the client believed would appreciate faster than the cryptocurrency. 

Case Study III

Who: A executive in a leading, US-based tech company, based in the UK

Assets: Significant equity in a listed tech firm, a profitable start-up business, a £2 million primary residence in London with no mortgage

Enness’ client – a US national – was one of a large US tech company’s first UK-based executives, having helped set up the firm’s UK division over ten years ago when the company was much smaller. The individual had accrued significant equity in the company as part of their compensation package. The client – in their late 40s – wanted to buy a high-value investment property through which they could generate regular income, which would eventually support early retirement. Using the client’s portfolio of single stocks, Enness arranged a securities-backed loan to allow the client to buy the property.

The client was looking to move house, hoping to upgrade to a home with more space for their teenage children. The individual had found it very difficult to find a home they wanted to buy and was frustrated by sales that had fallen through. Enness helped the client release £100,000 in equity from their current property to invest in an extension and complete refurbishment. The project added £280,000 pounds in value to the property.

The individual had a side project in addition to their full-time role in the tech firm (with the blessing of their employer, which operated in a different sector). The individual had developed a new gaming platform which they had launched with a minimum viable product which had been very successful. However, they were now struggling to grow the business, given the founder had limited time and didn’t want to leave their fulltime role. The individual approached Enness looking for a loan that would help them grow their start-up company. Enness approached lenders who were impressed with the product, its potential, its launch in the market and the future business plan. Security was challenging as the business entity the client had set up had minimal assets and required a structured approach to ensure that the funding was raised against the company’s future profits. Enness was able to secure a loan of £500,000 against the company's future profitability, allowing the borrower to hire someone to run and grow the business for them full time. Enness’ client had a great rapport with the lender, who supported the founder to grow the business, attaining the projected revenue growth. 

High Net Worth Guide to UK Mortgages

The UK is home to one of the most liquid, competitive, and complicated mortgage markets in the world.

There are hundreds of mortgage providers who lend in the UK, from major international banks to niche building societies and alternative lenders. Each lender has their own specialisation and position in the market where they excel. They also have lending criteria, interest rates, processes and oddities which are specific to them.

The UK has a considerable number of lending channels. There are regulated mortgages, unregulated mortgages, buy-to-let finance, bridging finance, commercial mortgages and more. It’s easy to see why the lending market is so complicated. The UK’s finance options are plentiful.

There are huge pools of liquidity (some of it incredibly cheap) and you can enjoy flexible lending terms. If you are a foreign national, expat, a high-net-worth individual, are self-employed, have significant assets but relatively low taxable income or anything in between, the UK mortgage market will have an option for you.