Specialist Mortgage Brokers

Specialists at the top end of the market, Enness negotiate every type of large mortgage. From equity release to mortgages on multi-million-pound homes, secondary residences or buy-to-let investments, Enness source the best mortgage rates and terms for you.

Enness offers customised mortgage solutions tailored to your specific needs, regardless of the complexity of your circumstances or the size of your mortgage.

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Specialist Mortgage Brokers

Large Mortgages

Enness has expertise ranging from mortgages valued at millions to those exceeding hundreds of millions of pounds. We are market leaders in large mortgages in the UK and worldwide, Enness will negotiate a personalised lending solution that’s tailored to meet all your requirements, no matter how much finance you need.

Complex Mortgages

Leveraging our extensive track record in handling complex situations, Enness can secure mortgages, even in cases with unique or sensitive backgrounds. Focused on delivering workable solutions whatever your circumstances, Enness can source a complex mortgage solution for you, even if others have failed.

Tailored Mortgages

Perhaps you’re looking for a mortgage from a specific lender. Maybe you want to borrow a significant amount or if you are interested in specific terms or interest arrangements. Whatever your requirements, Enness will design and plan and negotiate a tailored mortgage to fit your every need.

Large Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Securing the most competitive large buy-to-let mortgage can be challenging when navigating the process independently. Experts in this niche part of the market, Enness will negotiate the very best financing deal for you, even if your property doesn’t currently have tenants.

Million Pound Mortgages

More than just arranging a customised lending solution for you, Enness will take the stress out of million-pound-plus mortgages. As well as getting the most advantageous rates and terms, you’ll benefit from a partner that will go above and beyond to make even the largest mortgage straightforward, stress-free, and simple.

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With access to over 500 lenders, Enness will help you release equity and create liquidity to acquire property, wherever you want to buy.

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Mortgage Finance FAQs

Can I get a mortgage if I'm self-employed?

Generally yes. Provided you can put down a good deposit, and afford the mortgage in terms of income & your income has been steady for some time (lenders will generally look at your tax
return over the past 3 years).

Enness has a track record of helping self-employed individuals borrow significant amounts, connecting you with lenders that can look at things like director loans.

You can also find additional information here:

Can you have a UK mortgage if you live abroad and are a non UK-National?

Yes! Enness regularly works with foreign property investors, expats, and other individuals who want to buy UK real estate, despite being outside of the UK.

Certain lenders, particularly international banks, are adept at catering to clients with global assets and international backgrounds.

What's the difference between an interest-only mortgage and a repayment mortgage?

In an interest-only mortgage, you pay the lender the interest on the borrowed amount without making repayments on the principal loan sum. This implies that you have fulfilled the interest obligations to the lender; however, the principal amount remains unpaid and will need to be repaid in the future.

Repayment mortgages represent the most prevalent form of mortgage. Monthly repayments are made to your lender, covering both the capital and interest, spread over the duration of the loan term.

How do I know if I'm being offered the best mortgage available to me?

Enness is an independent mortgage broker. As such, your broker can approach any lender in the market to negotiate a deal for you, and your broker will be working exclusively in your best interests.

Also, Enness is not constrained by any incentives to collaborate with or provide products exclusively from specific lenders, a situation that may occur with other mortgage brokers.

Is it possible to purchase a property in the UK under a Trust/Offshore structure?

Yes, it is possible, however, it is certainly more complex than buying in your personal name. We work with a number of private banks & specialist lenders who can consider this kind of ownership structure. Nevertheless, additional information or justification may be required, and meeting certain criteria may be necessary to become a client of the bank.

Can I get business funding If I have a loss making business?

Yes! We work with a range of lenders who can look at loss making businesses. As long as there is narrative to the loss, and an understanding on how funding can change the business to make a profit, we can definitely look at assisting you.

Would I have to transfer ownership of my shares to the lender for security of the loan?

Luckily, we have various options available when it comes to leveraging single stocks. One such option allows you to pledge the shares whilst holding them in your own account at the lender's custodian for the duration of the loan, thus you continue to retain full ownership.

How do I qualify for a private bank mortgage?


Private banks typically cater to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). As per the FCA definition, an HNWI is someone with a net income of £300,000 and/or net assets of £3,000,000. Moreover, private banks usually prefer loans of at least £1,000,000 and maintain more conservative Loan-to-Value ratios (e.g., 65%, but potentially extending up to 90%). Private banks offer a much more flexible and holistic approach to mortgages and can consider more convoluted income streams & assets to get the mortgage required. They will also assign you a banker once your mortgage is completed to assist you with any financial requirements you may or may not need in the future.

What do banks do with the AUM?

The banks invest in AUM. You usually have a choice between an advisory mandate where the bank advise you on the choice of the investment or a discretionary mandate porfolio, where the client chooses a pre-made portfolio based on his risk appetite.

Banks can provide with financial options by offering structured products, facilitating access to funds, and implementing diversified investment strategies, adding substantial value to your portfolio.

Mortgage Solutions Feedback

Service StarService Star

Constantly kept up to date

FR - Ms Leighton, Sep 23

I have used Enness in the past and did so with our most recent purchase. It was not the easiest of mortgages and yet the team managed to make it less stressful than it could have been. We were constantly kept up to date with what was happening, even receiving a call from our broker whilst she was on holiday!

Service StarService Star

Achieved exactly what was required

UK - Mr Ashworth, Apr 23

Ennes took on my case to raise two sizeable mortgages simultaneously despite significant challenges on conventional bank lending terms. They achieved exactly what was required and communicated very well throughout the process.

Service StarService Star

Enness is now quoting my life cover

CH - Mr Chalker, Mar 23

Enness was very helpful and acted swiftly in securing a mortgage agreement in principle and then turned the mortgage from survey to offer in a couple of weeks. My previous broker couldn’t even get me an agreement in principle!! You get what you pay for.

Service StarService Star

Massive thanks to Enness global for an excellent service

UK - Lola, Jan 23

Enness Global ensured I got a mortgage offer that suited my circumstances. They were professional, efficient and I really appreciated Michael liaising with my solicitor and ensuring that my solicitor did not delay any further.

Service StarService Star

My client was delighted

UK - The Sovereign Group, Dec 22

Enness is reliable and trustworthy and they deliver a first-class and highly professional service. The constant dialogue from an in-house expert was invaluable as they obtained a competitive mortgage for my client, enabling them to purchase their main residence.

Service StarService Star

Exceptional customer service

Global - Mr James, Sep 22

Paige provided exceptional customer service. We didn’t have a standard salary income but she was able to source us an attractive mortgage option. Highly responsive and personable, we would recommend Paige and the Enness team. This is now our third mortgage sourced through Paige and the Enness team.