Portfolio Finance Options

Specialists in helping clients unlock significant liquidity using your securities as collateral, Enness will help you secure short-term, high-value finance.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new property or if you want to raise capital to invest in your business, the stock market or diversify risk, Enness has the experience and ability to deliver the most competitive alternative financing solution for you.

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Portfolio Finance Options

Securities Backed Financing

More than just sourcing and negotiating tailored securities backed lending, Enness will make your transaction stress-free and straightforward. As well as getting the most advantageous rates and terms for your loan, Enness will deliver solutions fast so you can take advantage of liquidity quickly.

Lombard Loans

Enness can help you unlock liquidity using your securities as collateral. If you are looking to purchase a home, reinvest in the stock market, diversify risk, or access capital without selling your securities, Enness can build a competitive Lombard loans package for you.

Single Stock Loans

If you need access to capital, you can use a single stock portfolio as collateral. With a stellar reputation and track record delivering these highly complex transactions, Enness is one of the only brokers to operate in this part of the market. 

Pre-IPO Loans

If a significant portion of your net worth is tied up in pre-IPO loans, liquidity can be challenging. Enness have access to all the lenders that offer credit against pre-IPO stock and will negotiate attractive financing solutions for you. 

Unlisted Stock Loans

Unlisted stock loans are often used by high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs who have a significant amount of capital tied up in the shares of a private business. Borrowers commonly use this type of financing to boost liquidity to purchase a property or another big-ticket item, to seek new opportunities in the stock market or to reinvest in their business.

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Guide to Securities Backed Lending

Securities-based lending provides ready access to capital. From purchasing a property, buying assets, investing in stocks or growing a business, you can use securities-backed lending (also known as Lombard loans) for various purposes.

Securities-based lending can be an exceptionally useful tool for creating liquidity quickly. As well as more “traditional” Lombard loans against a diverse portfolio of liquid, listed securities, Enness can also broker more unusual deals. This includes sourcing and negotiating loans against unlisted  stocks, single stocks and pre-IPO loans.

Lenders in this space provide funding while using the securities available to a borrower. These loans are typically used to access liquidity quickly, allowing investors to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.

Building up a representative portfolio to gain access to this lending space change can be challenging. Enness has a proven track record in acting in clients’ best interests and negotiating the best outcome on their behalf.