Complex Income Mortgage Brokers

Whether looking at traditional loans or high-value mortgages, all finance providers will prefer the lender to be as committed as possible.

Thankfully, not only do we have access to a range of traditional high-value mortgage providers but we have a close relationship with a private bank that is extremely active in this area.

Our expertise has seen us deliver complex mortgages in the past, we have negotiated a number of million-pound mortgages with an 85% LTV and even above in some circumstances.

Complex Income Mortgage Brokers

Self-Employed Mortgages

At Enness, a large proportion of our clients are self-employed. Our knowledge in this market is incomparable and experience in handling such cases is unrivalled.

Many of our brokers have accountancy backgrounds, making them extremely proficient in securing your property finance.

At Enness, no problem is too big when it comes to mortgages. Whether your mortgage application is complex or simple, we are fully committed to finding the best deal for our clients, whatever their circumstances. 

Foreign Currency Mortgage

Foreign currency mortgages can be taken out on both overseas and UK property allowing you to take out a loan in whichever currency is appropriate. 

In the case of a UK property purchase, a foreign currency mortgage will be converted into sterling, but the value of the debt will be in the foreign currency as will the interest paid. As standard, the mortgage is paid in monthly instalments, converted into your foreign currency at current foreign exchange (FX) rates.

A large proportion of our client base are overseas investors whose income is in a foreign currency so having access to foreign currency mortgages is an area in which we can add value to their transactions.


High net worth individuals tend to remortgage property assets as a means of raising capital for new ventures and new investments.

The best remortgage advice will take in an array of issues such as affordability, outstanding mortgage, income, and property valuations.

By utilising Enness contacts with high street banks, private banks, non standard mortgage lenders and other niche lenders, there are few scenarios in which our brokers are not able to offer detailed remortgage advice.

Second Home Mortgages

While many of our higher net worth clients have ambitions to build large property portfolios, there is also significant interest in second homes.

These additional properties tend to be a significant distance from their main abode and are often overseas.

So, whether you are looking for a country retreat for the family, overseas holiday home or a pied-à-terre in the city we can certainly assist you in structuring the right mortgage finance for you.

Second Charge Mortgage

A second charge mortgage means that as well as the initial mortgage charge on your property, there is a secondary charge which is covered by the equity in your property.

There are several reasons why you may look to secure a second mortgage using a second charge such as:

  • Consolidating existing debt
  • Expanding a buy to let portfolio
  • Cash flow for business

We have experts right across the financial spectrum with specific experience in arranging second charge mortgages. 

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Borrowing Into Retirement

Whether you are looking to downsize, remortgage your property or even look at refinancing your current debt, we can help. There may be a relatively small worldwide pool of mortgage lenders willing to look towards the retirement market, but we have access to them all. 

We have experience dealing with older borrowers and can advise on income streams and ways in which to fully utilising existing assets. Rest assured, we will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of a bespoke finance package for you.

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