Luxury Asset Financing

Enness is a leading broker of high-value luxury asset finance.

From sourcing and negotiating finance to buy supercars, superyachts or private jets or borrowing against your art or luxury goods collections, Enness sources and arranges the very best luxury asset finance.

No matter where you are based, what you want to buy or the assets you wish to secure a loan against, Enness will secure competitive and comprehensive financing solutions for you.

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Luxury Asset Financing

Supercar Finance

If you want to buy a supercar or purchase a rare, exotic, or collectable vehicle, Enness will negotiate a financing solution built around all your needs. With unequalled access to specialist, highly select lenders, Enness will source the best supercar finance available for you.

Yacht Finance

Securing superyacht finance can be notoriously difficult. It doesn’t have to be. Enness streamlines every aspect of yacht financing, however much you need to borrow. Whether you are commissioning a vessel or buying second-hand, Enness will arrange a competitive and comprehensive financing package.

Aircraft Finance

Enness is a leading broker of aircraft finance. From purchasing a light aircraft, a corporate jet or helicopter, Enness negotiates the most advantageous terms and rates available on the market. However you want to fly, Enness will help you access the very best aircraft finance on offer.

Luxury Goods Finance

From wine to handbags and collectable cars to jewellery, Enness will help you leverage your luxury assets to unlock liquidity. Irrespective of which assets you want to use as security or the amount you wish to borrow, Enness will secure the very best luxury goods loan for you.

Art Finance

With access to specialist lenders, Enness will help you release capital tied up in your art collection with a hand-built art finance package. As well as maximising the amount you can borrow against your art, Enness will source and negotiate the best rates and terms available.

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