Private Bank Mortgage Broker Services

  • Personalised private bank mortgages for HNW & UHNW individuals
  • Ultra-personal lending solutions from £1 million to tens of million of pounds
  • High loan to value private bank mortgages - up to 100% LTV in some cases
  • Private bank mortgage solutions for foreign nationals, expats and non-UK residents
  • Comfortable with complex income and wealth scenarios 
  • HNW Exemption, pre-funded, rolled up and occasional use exceptions
  • Interest-only private bank mortgages
  • Solutions for complex ownership structures (onshore and offshore trusts, limited companies, foundations, funds and more)
  • Access to every private bank who lends against UK real estate 
  • Independent, discreet and responsive service

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Private Bank Mortgage Broker Services

What Are the Benefits of a Private Bank Mortgage?

Private banks can offer very low private mortgage interest rates, personalised mortgages and bespoke underwriting. They can also move very quickly and produce solutions high street mortgage lenders can't.

By looking at your entire situation, getting to know you as a person and taking the time to understand your plans, private banks offer tailored private mortgage solutions to international high net worth clients.

Private Bank Mortgage Rates

Private bank mortgages are not all about the interest rate. 

Whilst many private banks can offer private mortgages with very low-interest rates to win the best clients, others offer additional benefits: Personal service, quick and efficient application processes, bespoke underwriting and problem solving.

For the best private bank mortgage rates expect to need to bring additional assets (AUM) or to move your banking as part of the deal.

How do I qualify for a private bank mortgage?

Private banks typically cater to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). As per the FCA definition, an HNWI is someone with a net income of £300,000 and/or net assets of £3,000,000. Moreover, private banks usually prefer loans of at least £1,000,000 and maintain more conservative Loan-to-Value ratios (e.g., 65%, but potentially extending up to 90%).

Private banks offer a much more flexible and holistic approach to mortgages and can consider more convoluted income streams & assets to get the mortgage required. They will also assign you a banker once your mortgage is completed to assist you with any financial requirements you may or may not need in the future.

Which Private Banks Offer Mortgages

Many, but not all, private banks offer mortgages. Some reserve their lending capacity for their existing customers, some will need sight of a bigger relationship to enable a new mortgage to be advanced whilst others will need you to share the same ethos as the bank to open an account.

Enness are proud to work with a vast number of private banks from all over the world. Access and knowledge is vital.  

How do Private Bank Mortgages Work?

Usually, a private bank mortgage application will involve a personal meeting with a banker, a full conversation on plans and background plus plenty of information on the borrower's income and assets.

Some private bank lenders need a personal recommendation from an existing account holder whilst others have a minimum income or asset base needed to qualify.

We cut through the mystery and process to directly arrange market-leading private mortgages for our clients made possible through our market position, reputation and experience in this part of the market.

Do Private Banks Need AUM for a Mortgage?

AUM (assets under management) is a core part of the private banking world and is often a prerequisite to securing the best possible terms.

Some private banks require a minimum amount to be invested with them; some require a percentage of the new private mortgage to be placed with them either as custody or to manage. A few private banks operate on the potential of a new client to bring assets and of course, there are plenty of private banks who are happy to lend without needing anything in return.

As with everything else, the amount of AUM needed is often fully negotiable and can be structured in lots of different ways.


Need a Private Bank Mortgage?
Here's How Enness Can Help

We are proud of our private banking relationships and work hard to develop our position and access in this space. 

There are a few private banks who only work with a tiny number of brokers and we are always in that set. In fact, some private banks refer their clients to Enness when they are unable to assist. 

If you think a private bank mortgage would be beneficial speak to one of our team and let us navigate and negotiate on your behalf.

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