£16m Loan To A Well-Established Care Home Operator

9th October 2023

Chris Whitney

Chris Whitney

Chris Whitney

Key Details:

  • Client: Care Home Operator
  • Loan amount: £16m
  • Terms: 18month period 

Enness was recently presented with a unique challenge when a well-established care home operator approached them. The operator had recently completed the construction of two new care homes within the year. Their development loan had ended, and they had failed to secure funding to replace it. Facing the challenging prospect of a forced sale, the operator desperately needed a solution to save their business and care homes.

The independent Care Quality Reports were added to the operator's challenges, which arrived with substandard ratings. To make matters worse, they only possessed a few months' worth of trading figures. The operator needed a swift and effective solution to secure financing, improve their care homes' ratings and stabilise their business.

Within days, Enness crafted a tailored financial solution to address the operator's immediate crisis and pave the way for long-term stability.

Enness secured a net loan of £16 million for the operator. The team at Enness also structured the loan to include rolled-up interest for a generous 18-month period to alleviate the immediate financial burden. 

With the infusion of capital, the care home operator could raise their home ratings to the desired standards. This cash infusion also saved the well-established care home operator from the brink of financial collapse.

Please reach out if you or your business are in a similar situation! 

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