Mortgages For Foreign Nationals In The United Kingdom

The UK is a key country for international property investment given its stable government, culture and lifestyle benefits and robust finance options.

We help foreign nationals, expats and non-residents secure the best possible mortgages secured against UK property no matter where they are in the world.

What Service Do We Offer

What Service Do We Offer

We work with individuals from all over the world and help them secure the best possible mortgage finance secured against property in the UK.

In fact, last year, we helped individuals from 78 different countries with their UK Mortgages.

We will work with you to understand your plans, negotiate the best mortgage, connect you with other professionals you will need, and then manage the process to complete the transaction quickly and effectively.

What Service Do We Offer

Mortgage Lender Access & Experience

We work with a global network of over 500 lenders, ranging from small building societies to challenger banks, alternative lenders and global private banks. 

We are market leaders in the foreign national mortgage space, and our lender access and range confirm that. Our combined experience allows us to understand any lending request and quickly and professionally source and negotiate terms then complete transactions cleanly. 

If we can't find a solution, we are pretty confident no one will be able to. 

Contact us today and let's get started.

Mortgage Lender Access & Experiencev
Overseas Residents, Foreign Nationals and Expats Mortgages

Overseas Residents, Foreign Nationals and Expats Mortgages

We offer the following UK mortgage solutions to international borrowers:

  • Residential Mortgages
  • Second Home Mortgages
  • Expat Mortgages
  • Refinance, Remortgage and Equity Release
  • Buy to Let and Limited Company Mortgages
  • Refurbishment and Development Finance
  • Short Term Mortgages And Bridging Finance.

We cover all parts of the UK mortgage market and have years of experience helping non-residents access the best rates.

Overseas Residents, Foreign Nationals and Expats Mortgages

Which Nationalities Can We Help?

We have no limits at all on which nationalities we can help secure mortgages in the UK - in fact you would be hard pushed to find one we have not helped.

Our brokers are multi-lingual, we understand customs and intricacies associated with this market and we are motivated to solve any solution.

We are an international firm with offices in 6 countries and have an envied reputation.

Which Nationalities Can We Help?
What do I need to know about foreign national mortgages?

What Do I Need to Know About Foreign National Mortgages?

As a foreign national, your nationality, country of residence, income structure and worldwide assets will all be considered to determine the most appropriate lender for you.

If you work for a multinational company, you are off to a good start. Depending on your jurisdiction, some lenders will require you to have an internationally accredited accountant – particularly if you’re self-employed – but most important of all is demonstrating your source of wealth.

What do I need to know about foreign national mortgages?