£7 Million Prime Chelsea Property - High Value Loan Secured for Mortgage


Toby Johncox

High value mortgage for £7 million prime Chelsea property
Toby Johncox

Toby Johncox

Key facts:

  • Client: French national, UK resident
  • Property value: £7,000,000
  • Mortgage value: £4,900,000
  • LTV: 70%
  • 2 years fixed at 2.6% 
  • Interest-only

This case involves arranging a high-value mortgage for a descendant of an UHNW family. Alongside running a private banking group with a global reach and an important investment in private equity, the family also owns ten of the largest wineries in the world.

The client was looking to buy the rental property in Chelsea she was currently living in for £7 million. Learn more about million pound mortgages.

Chelsea is one of the most upscale districts of Central London, known for its charm, history and affluent residents, ranging from fine artists to bankers. In addition to its range of fine-dining restaurants and luxury boutiques, Chelsea has many good schools and green spaces, with Battersea Park and Hyde Park a short walk away.

In this instance, the client was buying a Panamanian company and hence was looking to de-envelop the property immediately. As such, the bank was happy to provide lending in her personal name while using the company’s assets as security for the loan

The deal was completed at an excellent rate and on an interest-only basis to increase the cash flow of the client.

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