Corporate Finance

Enness is a leading broker of six and seven-figure corporate finance.  

Private companies and business owners turn to Enness to help them access the finance that unlocks opportunities, drives growth, and solves problems.

Regardless of why you are looking to access corporate finance, Enness can help broker the very best deal.  Through Enness, you can access the most competitive finance available, no matter how complex your situation or how much you need to borrow.

How can Enness help?
Corporate Finance

Stock Finance

Enness will help you release valuable working capital from assets tied up in warehoused stock or inventory. Able to source high-value finance even if you hold niche or speciality stock, Enness will arrange a competitive financing package, regardless of how much you want to borrow.

Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans can help your business grow. They can also help tide things over if your company experiences a non-critical dip in revenue. Enness speeds up access to capital by streamlining the negotiation process and removing roadblocks, even for six-figure-plus loans.

Invoice Finance

Unlock hundreds of thousands of pounds in capital by leveraging outstanding invoices owed to your business. Even if you have an unusual invoicing situation or want to retain control of your own credit control processes, Enness will source the most attractive invoice financing available on the market.

Commercial Property Finance

Corporations, high-net-worth business owners and entrepreneurs know Enness as the go-to broker of highly competitive and flexible commercial property finance. Delivered with speed and precision, Enness will help you source the very best commercial property deals – no matter how much you need to borrow.

VAT Finance

Manage your cash flow and ease pressure on your revenue by opting for a VAT finance package. One of the only brokers to source and negotiate multiple-six-figure-plus VAT finance, Enness has unequalled access to the very select lenders in this part of the market.

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