How to Buy and Finance Luxury Property in France

How to Buy and Finance Luxury Property in France

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About Guide

France is one of the most popular property markets for foreign nationals: we are all aware of the chic appeal of Paris, the enduring allure of the Riviera in the summer or the freshness of the mountains in winter. 

However, buying a property in France, especially as a foreign national or non-resident is particularly difficult. France’s legal and financial systems are unique. Culture and customs are often a learning curve.

Here at Enness, we are lucky to work with many of the leading experts in the French market: real estate agents, search agents, notaries, and developers. Together, we cover every aspect of the French property market and the buying process. 


This Guide Covers

  • Finance options 
  • Legal process, structuring & tax summary 
  • Search & negotiation 
  • Development & refurbishment in France 
  • Ultra-prime areas and comments 

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