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As trusted international advisors for high-net-worth individuals, business owners & entrepreneurs, our extensive range of services are designed exclusively with our client’s needs in mind.

From company formation and corporate structure support, corporate banking, succession planning and advice on navigating government approved channels to secure citizenship and residency. Enness specialise in helping its clients get the support they need to move themselves and their businesses forward.

We offer hyper-personalised services tailored to your needs. Available 24/7 we are ready to speak with you on your requirements, no matter the complexity.

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Company Formation

Our company formation and company relocation/ re-domiciliation services are designed to help businesses extend their global reach and enter new markets. Our solutions focus on UAE Free Zones, UAE Mainland, UAE Offshore, International Offshore jurisdictions and help companies achieve their expansion plans.

Corporate Structuring

Effective corporate structuring enables companies to create clear and efficient structures that allow for maximum profitability. At Enness, we are specialists at ensuring our client’s corporate structures are managed correctly and fully aligned with the different regulatory environments they may be exposed to.

Succession Planning

Succession planning, also known as legacy planning, is the process of setting in place structures to secure plans for the division of family wealth upon the demise of senior family members. Enness are experts at ensuring succession planning is undertaken diligently and professionally, helping avoid unfortunate complications, such as family inheritance disputes or tax complications, that might otherwise arise.

Corporate Banking

Navigating the world of international banking can often prove a daunting task. At Enness, we have developed an extensive banking network across the world. Designed to secure our clients success in onboarding, but also in the formation of a long- term banking relationship. We have relationships with major Boutique, Private, Commercial and Investment Banks that ensure our clients have a wide range of options to choose from.

Citizenship / Residency

We also advise our clients on a range of strategic Citizenship by Investment and Residency by Investment programs, which are designed for internationally minded individuals and families seeking to become global citizens. As well as those who aim to enhance both their personal and business capabilities. We are experts at helping guide clients expediently through government approved channels.

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