Hugh Wade-Jones leading the pack of a ‘new breed of lenders’

Hugh Wade-Jones leading the pack of a ‘new breed of lenders’

Islay Robinson

The challenges faced by HNW borrowers have been hot property in the press of late. At Enness, we have written at length about the limited options available on the high street for the very wealthiest, and outlined the opportunities as well as the pitfalls in store for anyone dipping their toe into the mortgage market. Now our Managing Director, Hugh Wade-Jones, is being recognised as a leading light in the sector by Spear’s.

Enness Private Clients was founded precisely because Hugh, along with Islay Robinson, felt not enough was being done to cater to the highly specific needs of HNW borrowers. The finances of the ultra-wealthy are often too complex to satisfy the rigid tick-box criteria of high street banks, especially if there is an international or entrepreneurial dimension. Anyone who can’t produce a straightforward PAYE slip – and answer detailed questions on their monthly spending, from groceries to clothing – risks being turned away by the lender. To meet this need, Hugh and Islay have spent years building relationships with the best banks in the industry, and the result is a highly successful and in-demand service.

They started out as a three-man band in Battersea before rapid expansion prompted them to take over their current premises just by Grosvenor Square in Mayfair. Today, they continue to go from strength to strength as market leaders in what Spear’s term the ‘alternative financing’ sphere.

Speed and efficiency are at the heart of what they do. For Hugh, job satisfaction lies in solving potentially life-changing problems for his clients. ‘For HNWs or PEPs [politically exposed persons], an obstacle that seems insurmountable can be overcome with a few phone calls,’ he says. ‘The key is really knowing your clients to understand which lender will best suit their needs.’

The full Spear’s article can be found here. As ever, if you would like to talk through your options with one of our specialist advisers, please do get in touch.