Enness forges relationship with new ex-pat mortgage lender

expat mortgage

Islay Robinson

We thought that it might brighten up your January to learn that this week Enness have forged an exciting relationship with a new ex-pat mortgage lender entering the market for non-UK nationals.

Ex-pat lending has been in a dire state since the main high street lenders departed the space over the course of the last year. This has meant that until now the majority of the slack had been picked up by regional lenders at the lower level and private banks at the higher levels. This spread has made accessibility tricky and left many gaps in criteria. The accessibility to this new ex-pat lender consequently reinforces Enness’ position as a high net worth (HNW) mortgage broker in this sector.

The new ex-pat lender is offering full-service criteria across the market to support their massive lending appetite and are happy to deal in any transactions – from borrowing £200,000 to multiple-million pound loans. The new ex-pat lender will lend across the UK for both residential and investment purposes. There is no restriction on nationality or residency and cases are to be manually underwritten; meaning that we can consider any nationality, residency or income/asset status with no automated assessments.

We have been successfully servicing non-UK nationals and British ex-pats overseas for many years and know the ex-pat lender market inside out – we are, however, most excited by this new suite of options for our clients.

The fact that the new ex-pat lender has approached Enness Private Clients directly to cater to its initially small distribution capacity is testament to our reputation for really being at the fore of the market. We are one of the only three brokers in the country who will have access to these rates and are delighted to be making this announcement.

If you are interested in learning more about this ex-pat lender in relation to your own property purchasing please let me know and I would be more than happy to help.