How Enness Works With Introducers

Enness helps your clients access competitive, high-value finance to buy property, solve liquidity challenges and unlock opportunities.


High-Value, International Finance

Working closely alongside introducers based in Monaco, Enness will help your clients finance local and international property purchases, access cross-border capital, and raise debt to pursue business and personal opportunities.


12000 +

Enness’ network of global introducers



Introducers from 79 countries served


£2.3 billion

Financing requests sourced via introducers in 2021


Enness’ Added Value

Enness is a leading finance broker based in Monaco. We work closely with introducers who represent Monaco-based high-net-worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs. No matter how much your client needs to borrow, where they want to use finance or how ambitious your client's plans are, Enness will deliver high-value finance to your clients.

Our Experts

No matter your client’s scenario and whatever they want to finance, Enness will work in a way that compliments your approach, your work, and your goals through our private client Advisor services.


Islay Robinson

Islay's expertise and professionalism are recognised by Tatler Advisory.


Hugh Wade-Jones

The Financial Times described Hugh as the 'go-to mortgage broker for the super-rich'.


Simon Everett

Based in our Zürich office, Simon is highly experienced in international real estate.


Great team, highly professional and with fantastic connections to get the best deal. A pleasure to work with, particularly Toby.

– Mr Stephan

I’ve worked in Partnership with Hugh and Islay for over a decade. They are experts in the HNW market.

– Mr Moloney

Enness’ Services and Solutions

Enness helps your clients to access competitive finance and debt. We broker finance so your clients can buy property, release equity and access the capital they need to unlock opportunities in Monaco and abroad. 

Communication and Workflow

You can expect transparency and a cooperative approach in every interaction with Enness. You will know what your broker is doing for your client, when they are doing it and why they are taking a particular approach. Expect clear communication regarding when the team will deliver any part of the plan and what will happen next. Nothing will happen without you being aware of it, and Enness will include you in all communication with your client. Enness works with fixed deliverables, so you can always measure progress. 

You will also be able to adapt Enness' workflow and communication style to your preferred way of approaching client projects. Enness will adapt to be an extension of your team, brokering finance and delivering the best solution for you and your client.

In high-value and international financing deals, sometimes the plan will change as things get underway. Your client might want to do something different, change their goal, or the original financing proposal will need to be adapted. We are ready for any eventuality. The team will be prepared with different options and a plan to make informed decisions with your client and obtain the result your client needs. 

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Enness’ Services and Solutions

Headquartered in London and with a large base in Fontvieille, Enness works closely alongside Monaco-based advisors who serve high-net-worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs. Enness can broker finance whether your clients are based in Monaco full time, if they only have banking or advisory relationships in Monaco or reside part-time in the Principality.  

Enness' Three Key Areas of Expertise Are: 

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Lender Access

Enness will help you and your client access a network of more than 500 high-value lenders. The team can help you deliver finance to your client even if they have a sensitive background, complex finances or a challenging or time-sensitive requirement that needs to be navigated. Enness brokers international finance and regularly brokers cross-border finance deals alongside Monegasque introducers. Enness' local team is made up of several nationalities. Brokers speak various languages fluently, including French, Italian and Spanish in addition to English. 

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How Enness Helps You and Your Clients

Clients and prospects will approach you to source diverse finance solutions or help them raise finance. The more your client wants to borrow, and the more complex their requirements, the more added-value Enness will have. In particular, Enness will ensure you have presented options for your client that cover every eventuality and are the best available rates.  

Enness can cater to all your client's requirements and will deliver tangible value at every stage of the process. Through Enness, you can offer new solutions to your clients, and the team will help you to win new assets and business.

No matter your client's scenario and whatever they want to finance, Enness will work in a way that compliments your approach, work, and goals.

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Initial Discussions

You'll initially discuss your clients' requirements with Enness on a no-name, no paperwork basis. Enness' broker will then present different financing options that could work for your client, including in principle scenarios.

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Building a Solution

Working alongside you, Enness will formulate a plan for your client so you can give them a concrete set of potential options. You'll get an indication of the rates and terms possible and what will be needed from your client to benefit from these. Enness will provide details on what the process will be.

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Indicative Terms

Enness will issue indicative heads of terms for your client as soon as possible. You can use these as you see fit, and these are upgraded to credit backed agreements once Enness knows enough about your client to be able to do so with confidence.

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Pragmatic Execution

If the plan works and your client wants to proceed, Enness will agree on an approach with you. The plan will consider all parties' needs in terms of fees, application management and communication. If desired, Enness will effectively form part of your team to deliver the solution, so you are providing a seamless service to your client. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way, and your broker will ensure you know what is happening and when you can expect delivery of any part of the plan.


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Private Client Adviser Guide

As a private client adviser, you may regularly need to source diverse debt and finance solutions for your clients and prospects. You may not be able to handle these requests in-house, or you need the help of an expert partner like Enness to search the market and negotiate a hand-built finance package for your client. 

Bridging Finance Guide

The relatively short-term nature of bridging finance can be challenging, requiring experience, contacts and negotiating skills to secure the best possible terms with as much flexibility as possible. Extremely competitive interest rates, staged funding release to save on interest and utilising assets and income as security are vital elements of bridging finance deals. 

Guide to Securities-Based Lending

Securities-based lending provides ready access to capital. From purchasing a property, buying assets, investing in stocks or growing a business, you can use securities-backed lending (also known as Lombard loans) for various purposes.

Corporate Finance Guide

Corporate finance comes in many shapes and forms. You can use it to unlock capital to grow your business, buy commercial property, purchase high-value business assets, or simply to access cash to overcome short-term liquidity challenges. Enness Global specialise in small and mid-cap companies that are looking to raise between £5–100m.

Which lenders does Enness work with?

Enness has access to more than 500 global enders. This includes international and Monaco-based private banks, family offices, and niche players specialising in their area of lending. Many require introductions or prefer to be approached by brokers. As an adviser, the calibre of the lender your client uses or that you introduce them to via Enness is paramount. Enness only has relationships with reputed, high-profile lenders with clear authority in their area of expertise.

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How much can my client borrow?

Enness specialises in brokering high-value finance of €1 million or more. How much your client can borrow will depend on their assets, global wealth, income, plans and the assets they will use as security. Whatever their goals, Enness will always work to maximise what your client can borrow while getting them the best rates and terms. The team can also help your clients if they have significant wealth tied up in assets but comparatively little income, if they want specific financial products, or want to borrow against unusual or multiple asset classes.

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My client was turned down for finance. Can Enness assist?

Yes. High-net-worth individuals get turned down for loans more often than you might think. This isn't a reflection of the quality of your client. It's more likely that you haven't approached the right lender or found the best way to present your client's case to lenders. Enness can do this for you, and the team regularly brokers high-value finance for clients who have not managed to get a loan by approaching lenders directly. 

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My client doesn't live in Monaco, can you still broker finance? (Replacing

Yes. Enness has a track record of brokering high-value deals for individuals with ties to the Principality but who do not live in the Principality full time. Enness brokers international and cross-border finance for high-net-worth individuals, wherever they reside and whatever their nationality. This includes brokering high-value finance for individuals who are served by Monaco's advisory community but who do not live in Monaco. 

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My client is Monaco-based but needs finance for a non-local project. Can you help?

Yes. Enness specialises in cross-border and international finance. Many of your HNW clients based in Monaco will have global revenue streams, assets, investments and projects. As a result, they may want to secure a loan on assets outside of Monaco or deploy loan capital elsewhere. Enness can cater to all eventualities, including significant loans, cross-border transactions, and finance deals involving multiple jurisdictions.

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