Bridging Finance Guide

Bridging Finance Guide

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About Guide

Bridging finance comes in many shapes and forms. You can take advantage of bridging finance if: 

  • You have complex or low income 
  • A significant portion of your wealth is tied up in assets like property 
  • You know banks and mainstream lenders won’t want to lend for the project you want to explore 
  • You have an ambitious project and aggressive plans 
  • The opportunity you wish to pursue requires significant borrowing 

The relatively short-term nature of bridging finance can be challenging, requiring experience, contacts and negotiating skills to secure the best possible terms with as much flexibility as possible. Extremely competitive interest rates, staged funding release to save on interest and utilising assets and income as security are vital elements of bridging finance deals. 

We excel in these areas as well as pre-arranging cheaper traditional refinancing of bridging loans at the end of the term.


This Guide Covers

  • Bridging Loan Interest Rates
  • Short-Term Bridging Loans
  • Large Bridging Loans
  • Auction Finance 
  • Bridging Loans for Property Development
  • Residential Bridging Loans
  • Land Bridging Finance 
  • International Bridging Finance
  • Top Tips

Who are Enness?

Established over a decade ago, Enness has earnt its place as the market leading high net worth (HNW) international mortgage brokerage.

In addition to securing finance and protection, our dedicated and multilingual team is well versed in helping clients make the most of their high value assets – be that releasing capital for onward investment, or improvements to the existing property.

Our team takes a bespoke, holistic approach, and has carefully built up an extensive network of lenders to ensure we can always secure the appropriate finance for your situation.

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