What influence does the Royal Family have on the property market? Research by Enness

Islay Robinson GROUP CEO

Islay Robinson


Islay Robinson

Whether you’re a royalist or not, there’s no doubt that the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family contributes a huge amount to the UK economy. But new research has revealed that they could be influencing something a little closer to home. House prices are dramatically higher in nations with a monarch, according to the latest data.

While the property market varies hugely around the world, the new research reveals that it could be in part down to the monarchy.

Mortgage broker Enness Global compared average house prices and found that the price per square metre across nations with a monarchy is £2,596.

The figure means property prices are 91 percent higher than in nations without a monarchy.

Those without a monarchy had an average price per square metre of just £1,359.

It means that simply by living in the UK with a reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, could be adding thousands to your home’s value. 

Delving into the surprising data, the company also looked at how the different nations compared – and who came out on top of the royals to have the nation with the highest house prices. 

The most prestigious monarch when it comes to property prices is Prince Albert II of Monaco, who claims the throne with a current average price of a whopping £43,069 per square metre. 

Monaco scores ahead compared to other monarch-led nations, with the second-highest being Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who presides over an average property price of £8,760 per square metre. 

Meanwhile the UK’s adored Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t rank quite so highly, coming in at the seventh-highest – but for Australia’s thriving property market.

Australia has an average property cost of £4,605 per square metre, making it the highest value under the Queen’s rule.

The UK isn’t far behind, with an average house price of £4,314 per square metre.

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