Securing a Loan Above €12 m for a Middle Eastern Resident


Monica Bisci

Paris property
Monica Bisci

Monica Bisci

Client: Middle Eastern Resident 

Property: Circa €20 m 

Loan: In excess of €12 m 

Enness recently helped a senior foreign figure and Middle Eastern resident secure a competitive loan to release equity from their property. The client owned an asset worth circa 20,000,000 EUR in Paris and required a loan in excess of €12 m.

The client had around €3 m  in assets under management (AUM) and was looking for a lender with better terms and less AUM than another lender had offered them. The client approached Enness to explore other options, and our team quickly got to work to find the best possible solution.

One primary challenge was finding a lender to minimise the AUM below 25% to meet the client's request. Additionally, the client required a bank that allowed a broad scope of the use of funds, and the purpose of the loan was quite broad.

After an extensive search, Enness identified a lender that met the client's needs and offered a competitive margin. This lender was also willing to allow a broad scope of the use of funds, making it an ideal choice for the client.

Enness worked closely with the lender and the client throughout the process to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Thanks to our expertise and industry connections, we secured an equity release loan that met all of the client's requirements and provided them with the funds they needed.

This case highlights Enness's ability to find creative solutions for clients with complex financial needs, even in challenging circumstances.

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