A Bespoke Mortgage Solution for a Belgium National in London's Luxury Property Market

25th July 2023

Richard Webb

A Bespoke Mortgage Solution for a Belgium National in London's Luxury Property Market
Richard Webb

Richard Webb

Key Details

  • Client: Belgium national, London resident
  • Property type: 5-bed detached in Wimbledon
  • Property value: £4,500,000
  • Loan: £3,000,000
  • LTV: 66.7%
  • Interest rate: 1.19% + Base rate, 0.5% arrangement fee

At Enness Global, we take pride in delivering tailored financial solutions, and this case is an excellent example of our commitment to finding bespoke answers to unique challenges. Our client, a Belgium national residing in the heart of London, sought our assistance in re-mortgaging their 5-bed detached property in Wimbledon. However, securing a standard mortgage proved difficult, with their primary employment income not fully aligning with the loan amount required and an offshore-based wealth profile.

Our clients faced a pressing issue that required immediate attention – the repayment of a restrictive Lombard loan. The terms and conditions of this loan were holding them back from pursuing future investment ventures. They needed a fresh approach to accommodate their unique circumstances.

As specialists in navigating complex financial landscapes, we needed to source the perfect lender for our client. Given their extensive stocks and shares portfolio, we recognised the potential to unlock the hidden value within their assets. Embracing a holistic approach, we sought a lender who valued our client’s wealth profile, moving beyond rigid black-and-white criteria.

Our efforts paid off as we successfully secured a refinancing solution that met their immediate requirement to repay the Lombard loan and unleashed many possibilities for their future investments. The chosen lender understood the significance of their diverse wealth and demonstrated unwavering support to cater to their financial aspirations.

At Enness Global, we take great pride in our ability to craft innovative solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. Taking a personalised and holistic approach ensured limited options did not constrain our clients’ financial objectives.

If you, too, seek bespoke financial solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way.

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