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A New Year Message from our CEO Islay Robinson

4th Jan 24 - 6 MIN READ
Islay Robinson

Enness Global: Leaping Forward into 2024

Renowned inventor and entrepreneur Thomas Edison once said, "Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning." This sentiment feels particularly apt as we step into another new year for Enness Global. Our planning is done, and there is something about a leap year that makes it feel even fuller of opportunity.

Making the Most of a Bonus Day

The leap year of course is actually quite functional in nature, designed to keep us in sync with the passage of time. However, as well as an extra 24 hours it also carries with it many unqiue cultural traditions. Somewhat archaically, for example, it supposedly grants women the chance to break with custom and propose to their partner on the 29th Feb.

But my personal favourite is accredited to legendary Savoy Hotel bartender Harry Craddock. In 1928, whilst in residence, he concocted a special 'leap year cocktail' to toast the extra leap day.

This special cocktail - a fusion of gin, Grand Marnier, vermouth, and lemon juice -  is believed to have actually sparked more proposals than any other mixed drink in history. Cheers!!

17 Years Young and Counting

2024 also marks the 17th anniversary of Enness Global’s formation. I remember it well, given it was 2007, and the infamous financial crisis was bearing down on us all. Those were tough times for the global economy. But together with Hugh Wade-Jones, we also saw opportunity and founded Enness with a single-minded mission: to help thousands of clients turn their high-value finance dreams into reality.

I am extremely proud that this commitment still endures today. Evidenced through the hundreds of new potential clients we attract each month – all high-net-worth and entrepreneurial. Typically with an international perspective. Unique and complex requirements. But also a shared belief in integrity, discreet advice, and the possibility to make it happen even though others were doubtful.

Enness Global’s specialty continues to be overcoming complexity. Rising to become the world's ‘go-to’ mortgage brokers for prominent, high-profile, wealthy individuals. But we’ve evolved too. Carefully and, may I say, successfully complementing our core expertise with impressive new bench strength. Spanning many other related areas, such as corporate and securities-backed finance. Fuelled by the growing needs of our expanding client base.

5-Star Service as Standard

Testament to these endeavours is our evolving revenue mix, with mortgages now representing less than 50%, compared to 90% just three years ago. While customer care standards remain high. Case in point being the receipt of our 190th Trustpilot review the other day, helping us maintain a stellar score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. I love to read these testimonials. Each underscores the care, precision, and expertise we strive for in every interaction. Every moment counts for us.

But maintaining quality, as every leader knows, is not easy as a business grows and expands. With international expansion, as represented by our entry into Dubai, Monaco, Switzerland, and Jersey, only adding to that challenge.

Team Growth and Expertise

Even though we’ve fully embraced the latest tech, at our heart, we remain a people-led business. As such, I’m delighted to see the Enness Global team going from strength to strength, positioning us brilliantly for the year ahead. We've welcomed 11 new individuals to the fold in the last few months and promoted a similar number into more senior positions.

With a newly established senior leadership team also now in place, we’re drawing on vast experience to guide the day-to-day running of the business and craft exciting new ventures. We have an entrepreneurial culture where our team is encouraged and supported to build and develop their business lines within Enness. Collaboration between brokers and teams is at an all-time high. A great recent example was our attendance at the Luxury Properties Showcase December event in Shanghai. Without the whole team pulling together we simply couldn’t have participated.

This is why I believe we’re so well acquainted with the specific needs of business founders and entrepreneurs who continue to see Enness as their primary trusted partner. This trust extends to many of them sharing their unique wisdom and insights with us and our customers.

Take the recent interview with Luis DeVera, owner of a successful international luxury fitness business. His advice for those seeking to initiate new fitness habits in 2024 is just one example of the insights we’re capturing and making available for the benefit of others. Priceless.

Prime Property for Prime Customers

Of course, monitoring the property market, especially the prime million-pound plus segment, remains a key focus for us. Robust demand in prime locations like London persists, with discerning buyers and quality assets at the forefront of demand. We have developed an unrivalled network and through this we see lenders continuing to readily finance high-end transactions. Attracting buyers in excellent financial standing, including professionals with substantial savings, promising employment outlooks, and significant equity in existing properties. Independently wealthy individuals bring multiple income sources and international portfolios, amplifying deal diversity even further. This is good news for the UK economy.

Shifting Dynamics in London's Prime Real Estate

The dynamics of London's prime real estate, however, are ever-shifting, as highlighted in one of our recent thought leadership articles. As we grow, we will continue to stay in touch with such developments. For example, we’ve noted how prestige projects look set to reshape the landscape, as is the case with the iconic street address of Bishop's Avenue.

In this instance, it's entirely possible that other prestigious street addresses like Kensington Palace Gardens and St John’s Wood Avenue Road could capture the crown of London’s Billionaire Row as average property values fall back on this illustrious street. Either way, I am confident we have the skills and expertise to help our clients not only navigate but capitalize on the many opportunities ahead.

A Beautiful 50: ELF Reaches a Milestone

One of our other unique offerings at Enness Global is the provision of Enness Lifestyle First, or ELF. A bespoke weekly newsletter, uniquely curated for our clients, bringing to life a rich and diverse collection of culture, lifestyle trends, and events. In February, it will reach its 50th edition, and I want to extend my personal thanks to the award-winning Mary Gostelow for her captivating contributions. It continues to demonstrate our understanding of the world our clients inhabit. But also, a bit like Harry Craddock when he invented the New Year Cocktail for his regulars, our commitment to helping them enjoy and celebrate it.

Have a Fantastic 2024

Its important to finish by noting we remain independently owned, meaning we don't have to balance short-term pressure for profits with long-term sustainable growth. In this way we can keep non-essential costs low and focus on profit margin, not revenue - this creates the means to build and grow. And ensures we can keep providing excellent value.

I am genuinely excited about the leaps forward Enness Global is poised to take in 2024. But more so, I want to personally wish you, your loved ones, and all our clients and partners a great year ahead.

Plan with confidence, embrace opportunity and together let’s make it another year, and indeed another leap year, of good fortune.

Best Regards,

Islay Robinson

CEO, Enness Global