Enness can arrange mortgages anywhere in the world

24th Sep 20
Islay Robinson GROUP CEO

Islay Robinson

Enness can arrange mortgages anywhere in the world

Islay Robinson

Enness specialises in arranging mortgages for high net worth borrowers looking to purchase, refinance or release equity from prime property in all parts of the world.

We work with hundreds of international mortgage lenders, allowing us to provide high net worth mortgages and tailored solutions for our clients anywhere in the world.

Through our expert approach, we can negotiate the best deals in just about any jurisdiction.

Our main markets tend to be key high net worth locations, which feature desirable homes and where local laws and regulations allow international buyers to freely own property.

These include:

London, the home counties and other parts of the United Kingdom

Prime property in London is not only considered a safe haven investment, but also a trophy asset for many international buyers.

South East locations with easy access to the capital and countryside have long been popular retreats from the city but have surged in demand following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Enness’ flagship office is based in London where our brokers have outstanding connections to the most competitive banks and lenders in the market, allowing us to provide bespoke solutions for each of our clients.

The UK is one of the most competitive, evolved and complex mortgage markets in the world with hundreds of individual mortgage lenders covering every conceivable niche. That, coupled with the international nature of UK real estate, means that having a specialist on your side is vital.

Paris, South of France and the French Alps

With its timeless appeal, Paris is always in style international investors, while the glitz and glamour of the South of France pulls in billionaires, celebrities and the international yacht set looking for homes to soak up the sun.

The French Alps boast some of the best skiing in the world combined with resorts that cater to the whims of the most discerning clientele.

Through Enness’ office in Monaco, we are very close to the French market, and able to provide buyers with insight, knowledge and expertise on the process, while sourcing the most competitive deals.

The French mortgage market is highly specialist, controlled and inflexible – applications need to be precise and perfectly presented to stand a chance of a quick process to offer.

The market is also highly fragmented and decisions are made on a personal level, which adds a further element of complexity especially for international and non-French speaking borrowers


As with the South of France, glittering Monaco features an array of impressive properties to cater to its glamorous and affluent inhabitants.

Our local office has built up strong and trusted relationships with local lenders to provide the very best solutions for our clients.

The market here is very regulated and banks have a huge bias toward lending on a mortgage and AUM basis. We add huge value when negotiating the number of assets that need to be pledged to a bank and have a number of dry (no AUM) solutions. As with anything else in life if you fit the criteria here you get great terms – anything outside of perfect however needs a lot of work to get agreed.

Madrid, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands

Spain’s capital is the country’s financial centre, as well as home to some of Europe’s most exciting start-ups and fin-tech, attracting both international investors and innovators.

Barcelona, Ibiza, and the Balearic Islands are the playgrounds of the wealthy, with sandy beaches topped with chic nightlife.

Mainstream Spanish banks typically don’t have an appetite for high value or complex transactions, instead we often lean on our connections with international lenders to facilitate transactions for clients.

That said, for high value transactions and wealthy borrowers there can be a larger number of private banks who will be interested in helping at very competitive terms.

Lisbon and the Algarve

The sophistication and dynamism of Lisbon draws in global business owners and top financiers, while pockets of the Algarve are a long-standing luxury holiday destination.

The mortgage landscape is similar to neighbouring Spain, with few local lenders willing to provide financing for high net worth transactions.

As a result, we would usually tap into our network of international lenders for clients looking to buy in Portugal.

New York, Miami, San Francisco and LA

Property in the State’s most cosmopolitan cities is on a par with London and major European cities. These homes are considered a safe place for wealth and an effective hedge against economic uncertainty.

The urban hubs are major centres for business, finance, technology, and the creative industries, with no shortage of investors or buyers looking to relocate.

We have good relationships with some of the biggest US lenders and Enness also works closely with trusted partners in the States to access the best deals and find the perfect solution for our clients.

Lake Como, Portofino and Tuscany

Italy’s prime property locations feature luxury holiday and investment homes for wealthy buyers from across the world.

Tuscany and Lake Como provide unrivalled beauty and tranquillity, steeped in Italian culture. And luxury Portofino is favourite with the yacht set, with beautiful coastlines on top of world-class shopping.

The Italian mortgage market can be tricky for international buyers to navigate with a myriad of rules and taxes, and only a limited number of lenders will consider business in the country. At Enness we know the banks with an appetite for lending in Italy, so we can find the right solutions for our clients.


Geneva is a major entry point to Europe for international magnates, as well as a hugely important banking and finance hub.

There’s a high demand for property from some of the wealthiest buyers in the world.

Enness will soon have an office in Geneva putting us at the heart of its local financing market.

Through our close relationships in the region, we are able to source and tailor mortgages to a range of high net worth buyers.


Stunning Vienna and picturesque pockets of the Alps, such as St Anton, are considered the prime real estate markets in the country.

In most circumstances, we would utilise the extensive contacts from our Geneva office to find the best lending options.

Hong Kong and Singapore

As the gateway to Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore are of great importance for investors and business executives. Wealthy buyers often look to own property in the cities as part of diverse and global portfolios.

At Enness we have close links to international banks which are well-established in Asia, and we also have close trusted partners in these regions to provide local insight and expertise.

St Barts, Barbados and Caribbean islands

The pristine beaches and tropical climate of the Caribbean make select locations in the archipelago a huge draw for wealthy jet-setters looking to unwind.

The Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands have branches of big international lenders that Enness are connected to. We also know the banks with an appetite to lend in the region and use our relationships to help high net worth buyers purchase their own slice of paradise.

Other locations

Enness will always go above and beyond to find the best solution for our clients.

In some parts of the world, there are very few lenders, if any, which are willing to provide financing on high value and complex cases.

We take a holistic view of our client’s financial circumstances and in some cases may recommend refinancing an already owned property to release the funds needed to buy the international one.