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Product Details

  • LTV: 70%
  • Rate: 1.25% + EURIBOR €3 Million 
  • Interest only 7 years
  • AUM: 20% of loan amount - min €1,000,000 AUM 
  • Lender Fee: 0.8%

On paper, there are restrictions for foreigners looking to acquire property in Italy but in reality, it is fairly straightforward. Those located outside of the EU, in a country with no reciprocal agreement, will require a valid residence permit to acquire property in Italy. Those located within the EU will have unrestricted access to the property with Brexit unlikely to bring about any major changes for UK investors looking at Milan and Rome. Experts are already predicting the confirmation of reciprocal rights between Italy and the UK in the not too distant future – similar to those currently in place between the US and Italy.

As you would expect, there are two types of mortgages available, interest only, and capital repayments. Due to the specialist nature of the Italian high-end property market, mortgage funding tends to come from the private banking sector although some traditional banks are still competitive. As a consequence, for those foreign mortgage transactions which are a little more complicated, private banking may well be the only real option. We have a very strong working relationship with many private banks, we know the information they require, the best banks for your situation, and how to present your finances in the best light.

As a consequence, where some mortgage brokers may step back because of complications we tend to step forward and find a solution. Read more about our Italian mortgages.