Low Interest Rate Mortgage for Kenyan National

13th July 2021

Toby Johncox

Low interest rate mortgage on UK Home for Kenyan national
Toby Johncox

Toby Johncox

Key facts:

  • Kenyan National, Dubai Resident
  • Residential property in London
  • Property value: £1,950,000
  • Loan amount: £1,365,000
  • LTV: 70%
  • Interest rate: 2.1%+ BBR 

Here at Enness, we work with a large number of entrepreneurs, and they make up one of our most significant segments. We were recently approached by a successful technology business owner who was looking to acquire a property in London to be used as primary UK residence.

While this would usually not pose too many challenges, the client was based in Dubai and had a Kenyan passport, which meant it was not such a straightforward case. The property he wished to purchase was valued at £1,950,000 and he wished to borrow £1,365,000 making it a high loan to value (LTV) of 70%. Moreover, the client required a low interest rate as well.

With proven experience dealing with challenging scenarios, Enness will be able to secure a mortgage for you, even if you have a delicate or unusual background. As such, we successfully met the client’s requirements by securing a low interest rate mortgage, with the interest rate being 2.1% plus BBR. 

Focused on delivering workable solutions whatever your circumstances, Enness can source a financing solution for you, even if others have failed. Get in touch now to discuss your scenario!

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