Large Value Mortgage for Jersey Property

1st April 2021

Jack Goguelin

High-value mortgage for Jersey property
Jack Goguelin

Jack Goguelin

Key facts: 

  • Property in Jersey
  • Property value: £2,000,000
  • Loan value: £1,075,000
  • Margin: 2.50%
  • Product: 5 Years, Interest Only

In this case, we were approached by a professional couple based in Jersey.

The couple had an existing high street mortgage, but also some private debt and other large expenses. They had been making improvements to their property over a period of time, and were now looking to release some of the equity they had created in order to consolidate their debts. 

The couple’s income multiple did not fit with those prescribed by high street lenders, so we looked to the private banks for assistance. We were able to source a private bank mortgage lender that was willing to lend 8 x the couple’s joint gross income.

The bank was comfortable that the couple had a proven track record of servicing their debts and lifestyle expenses, so was more than happy to progress the application and on-board the couple as new clients.

The payments on the consolidated debt are less per calendar month than the couple had historically paid to the various providers of their credit.

We work with local and international lenders to offer the most comprehensive high value mortgage solution for Jersey and Guernsey properties.