€4.2million French property refinance for American national

27th June 2018
€4.2million French property refinance for American national

Although European property is very desirable for American clients, these individuals often encounter serious problems when it comes to taking out European property finance. I recently met with one such client, who was looking to remortgage a property he had purchased in cash.

This client was a married American national who worked as a hedge fund manager. The property was valued at €4.2million, and he was looking for a loan of just over €3million. He was introduced to Enness by the bank he had been speaking with, who were unable to help him due to the property’s location being outside of their preferred lending area.

This was frustrating; this client was obviously very wealthy, as he had been able to purchase the property in cash. He, therefore, approached Enness to discuss his options in France.

It was admittedly a difficult case; there was only one bank who was able to work with an American client, and also lend in this area of France. Happily, once I referred this case to the Enness International team in London, they were able to find a solution.


This client had a large property portfolio and a very desirable profile, so the private bank was happy to onboard him as a client and begin a mutually beneficial relationship with him. The bank was able to offer him a €3.1million facility, with just €1.1million as assets under management (AUM). This was offered at a rate of 1.9%, which is an excellent price for a loan of this size.

If you are looking to secure a large loan in France, for either a purchase or refinance, a specialist broker can be invaluable in negotiating a good deal. Enness International are experts in this field; if you have any questions, our multilingual brokers are pleased to answer.

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