Strong quarter for European real estate with €170million enquiries

Strong quarter for European real estate with €170million enquiries

Since its launch, Enness International received just under €170million of enquiries for European real estate loans between February and April.

France and Monaco remain most popular for high net worth clients, with 75% of all enquiries being for property in those regions.

However, despite there being more than three times the number of enquiries for property in France than Monaco, the average value of Monégasque property is three times that of French property, at €14,840,000. A figure in line with recent reports stating Monaco has the most expensive and sought after real estate in the world.

There is also a good level of demand for property in the French Alps, particularly Courchevel, where luxury developments such as the Six Sense Resort offer stunning chalet accommodation.

Hugh Wade-Jones, Managing Director of Enness International, comments: “Monaco is always a popular choice with our high net worth clients. Property there is among the most exclusive in the world and the unrivaled lifestyle means buyers want to own a piece of it for themselves.

We’ve also experienced a continued interest in French property, with the run up to – and result of – the election having little impact. The French Riviera has always been an investment hotspot for the high net worth, and Courchevel is proving particularly popular as a winter playground for the super-rich.”

It’s not just property the mortgage brokerage has experience demand for financing; Enness International secures loans for all luxury assets, and recently completed the finance of a €315,000 Rolls Royce Dawn.

Hugh adds: “High net worth clients have a range of luxury assets, from property to yachts, to cars. Knowing how to finance all of them is essential when providing a holistic service. We’ve also assisted with the financing of property, using luxury assets as security, enabling clients to utilise their entire portfolio of assets to make smart investments.”