The Spear’s 500 Top Recommended Property Financing Companies 2016

27th October 2015
Islay Robinson GROUP CEO

Islay Robinson

spear's 500

Islay Robinson

Having doubled in size in the last year and moved to larger Mayfair offices, Enness are being recognised as a financial force to be reckoned with. We are delighted to have been named ‘the most sought-after high net worth mortgage broker in London’ in The Spear’s 500 Top Recommended Property Financing Companies 2016.

The definitive guide to the top private client advisors for HNWs in Europe, Spear’s 500 features ‘the very best, the very brightest and the most discreet’ individuals across the spectrum of wealth management and advice. Our CEO Islay Robinson, Managing Director Hugh Wade-Jones and Non-Executive Chairman John Elkington are all being recognised by their peers and clients alike for their market-leading positions in the world of property financing.

The meteoric rise of Enness was attributed by the editors to Islay and Hugh’s innovative, client-focused approach to broking. In spite of our launch party coinciding with the run on Northern Rock, Enness has prospered and grown into a team of highly experienced, specialist brokers. Thanks to the carefully cultivated relationships that give us, in the words of Spear’s 500, ‘leverage with every lender that will lend in the UK’, we have proved remarkably effective.

Enness’s reputation for succeeding where other brokers have failed was also praised by the editors, who were impressed by our ‘minimal fuss’ approach and quick solutions to even the most challenging cases. They applauded the ‘combination of trust, creativity and transparency’ that lies at the heart of Enness’s success.

Our years of experience, unparalleled network of lenders and efficient problem-solving have made us the go-to firm for borrowers. We will continue to provide exceptional service to our ever-expanding client base as London’s ‘unrivalled million pound mortgage experts’.

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Covering everything from search and negotiation to making an offer and the legal processes, the guide will help you fulfil your dream of property ownership in France.

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