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Meet the Enness Relationship Management Team

19th Apr 20
Islay Robinson GROUP CEO

Islay Robinson

Meet the Enness Relationship Management Team

Islay Robinson

Here at Enness, we pride ourselves on not only our contacts with lenders but also our in-depth and ever-growing relationship management team. These are the individuals who have their fingers on the pulse, covering regional markets right across the globe. Their guidance and advice are essential to not only our clients but also our advisors/mortgage brokers. Knowledge of both local and international mortgage markets is vital to our short, medium and long term success and central to our future expansion plans.

We are one of the leading mortgage brokers and the go-to company for ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals. This is an area which is competitive, continuing to expand, with real estate ever more closely interlinked with short, medium and long-term finance. Our relationship management team have both individual and collective responsibilities and work extremely well together. They also have a range of academic qualifications and experience in both personal and corporate finance which has allowed us to increase our global presence.

Meet our relationship management team

Our global relationship management team delivers a diverse, professional and extremely well-qualified group of experts that have been handpicked. Taking into account individual character, education, background and experience, both personally and culturally, we have nurtured an outstanding team of individuals. These are well-travelled colleagues with contacts and knowledge from around the globe. Across the team, they are fluent in an array of different languages which dovetails perfectly with our ever-expanding client base!

Alexander Robertson, Head of UK Desk and HNW Relations

Alex has quickly risen up through the ranks collecting an array of qualifications and in-depth financial knowledge to complement his public relations skills. A well-known figure in the world of politics, finance and A-list celebrities, Alex has travelled extensively around the globe. His strong appreciation of business relations allows him to plant the seeds and nurture intermediary contacts for the future. The UK desk remains a vitally important part of the business, servicing the huge global market that is London luxury property.

James Ashe, Head of Relationship Management 

It is safe to say that James has a love of travel, academia and languages, graduating with a degree in Russian from the University of Bristol. A keen musician with a love of the French culture, James regularly holidays in France having previously lived there for some time. His deep-seated knowledge of the French culture, way of life and financial markets makes him extremely well qualified to service our French/Monaco client base. Operating in a truly global field, James certainly fits in well with the Enness way of life.

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Working together

While focused on their specific markets, servicing advisors and clients alike, our relationship management team are also continually seeking out and nurturing long term commercial relationships. They are regularly seen attending advisor and client networking events across the world. This allows Enness to benefit from not only their individual skills and experience but the cumulative impact they create when working together. Information is knowledge in our industry and the regular sharing of experiences, information and opinions have seen us create a hugely talented relationship management team.

What can Enness do for you?

Our relationship management team have secured billions of dollars in real estate funding for our growing client base. Focused on ultrahigh net worth and high net worth individuals we have a deep understanding of your requirements and real estate markets across the globe. Having built a team with a genuine passion for travel, property and finance, we continue to cement our reputation and position at the head of the international mortgage broking sector. Taking in property from London to New York, Monaco to the Balearics and beyond we have a global presence and a knowledge which is unrivalled. Call us today to discuss your requirements in detail and look at the range of potential bespoke solutions available.