An Exclusive Interview with Conor Groome, our Newly Appointed Head of High-Net-Worth Services

Conor Groome

Firstly, congratulations on your new role. What made you want to join the Enness Global team to set-up their new High-Net-Worth (HNW) Services offering?

Thank you! It’s been a fantastic first few months, everyone has been very welcoming. The decision to join Enness came very easily to me. The Enness brand is internationally recognised and the opportunity to create a new offering within it was one I could not turn down.

Enness’s global footprint, and its clear and ambitious plans for the future, made me want to join the company and launch the new HNW Services offering. I am really excited to be taking this forward, watch this space!


For many the term HNW Services may be unfamiliar, can you provide an overview of what it entails and who services are aimed at?

Our services are aimed towards the needs of the modern HNW/ UHNW entrepreneurs and their families, helping facilitate international movement on both a corporate and a personal level. After all the world is getting smaller, so we’re committed to ensuring our clients are using this to their full advantage!


Zoning in on the underlying services themselves, could you highlight some of the main areas of provision?

Our key provisions can be broken down into global company formation, corporate structuring, family wealth structures, Citizenship and Residency by Investment.

Within the services mentioned comes a wide range of sub options that are acute to the needs of our clients. We are in a fortunate position that through our partner/ ‘friends of Enness’ network, there really isn’t a situation we cannot handle or make a suitable introduction to.


The initial offering appears very comprehensive, but given the global nature of our business could you provide a few more details on the citizenship and residency support provided?

Citizenship and Residency by Investment or RCBI as it is commonly known provides people with the opportunity to gain dual citizenship or an alternative residency through government approved pathways.

The programs allow for clients to gain access to travel, lifestyle, healthcare, and education benefits which may have been previously unattainable. Each case is different, and each applicant has individual needs, and it is always a pleasure to assist clients with this. At Enness HNW services we will provide end to end support throughout the application process.


Taking a step back, what prompted the decision to introduce this new range of services under the Enness brand at this time??

The decision to join Enness at this time and launch this new range of services came from talks with Hugh and Islay, Enness’s co-founders, as well as with Toby Johncox the Group MD, regarding their long-term growth aspirations.

With Enness already a mainstay brand in the private client world, and having shown impressive diversification with the addition of Enness Insurance most recently, the business has a strong heritage and international footprint that enables it to assist clients in all of their wider needs. This provides a fantastic opportunity, where each of the different departments within the Enness brand can work in unison to provide the ultimate client experience. I am delighted to be joining the offering with HNW Services!


And when considering Enness Global’s reputation for being the ‘go to mortgage broker of the super-rich’. How has this heritage and expertise contributed to the design of this new offering?

Given Enness’s already elite reputation, it provides HNW services with an excellent platform to launch from. Enness has earned its reputation as the go to mortgage broker for the super-rich through providing an exceptional service for clients and ultimately delivering the desired results. Across the HNW services team we will not only benefit from this but yearn to enhance it even further.

We have designed the HNW Services model based on the history of Enness client movement. Over our 17-year lifespan we have seen pretty much everything and we are now proud to directly offer this to our clients. HNW Services is aiming to follow in the Enness brand’s footsteps and become the ‘Go to HNW Services offering for the super-rich’. The sky is the limit.


On a more personal note, what aspect of Enness’ new HNW Services offering are you most excited about?

Is all of them an acceptable answer?!

From an overall standpoint, our launch and the build-up to it has been fantastic, it has allowed me to set where we are and how we want to be able to assist clients.

If I was to choose one service, our Monaco residency offering excites me the most. I have been lucky to frequent Monaco over the years and I look forward to continuing to do so with future clients. We are equipped with a fantastic office in Monaco, and I won’t need too many reasons to spend some time there, the F1 2025 is already in my diary!


It’s a huge undertaking to bring any new line of service to the market – huge congratulation. What’s been your biggest learning from this process you think others could benefit from?

My biggest learning from this or my biggest takeaway is the value of your team round you.

To get Enness HNW Services to the market has taken a company-round effort, along with liaison with government entities and our partner network.

Having reached our official launch stage now, I recognise the value that each person, department or firm had in our arrival to this point.

The value of the team around you cannot be overlooked.


Enness operates across several international offices, and you yourself are based in Dubai. What’s behind your choice of location and what advantages does this bring?
Firstly, Enness’s global footprint made it difficult to choose where to reside, it was a good problem to have! But having been based in Dubai for the past three years, Dubai was the clear choice for several reasons.

Ease of travel from DXB airport, UAE residency and corporate setup is a key part of our offering so having a physical presence here is very advantageous. Also Dubai’s global location from a time zone perspective makes it very easy to work across multiple jurisdictions.


And outside of the world of work how do you like to spend your time, unwind and stay fresh?

Outside of work I like to stay as active as possible. I’m a keen fitness enthusiast where I enjoy running, swimming and spending time in the gym. I also enjoy playing golf, being based in the UAE, we are spoilt for courses here.

Great food and drinks! Dubai’s restaurant and nightlife scene is world renowned, even after three years I am still finding new places to try. Plus I am also a passionate rugby fan, where I follow Leinster and Ireland. We won’t talk about the World Cup Quarter Final! Thankfully Leinster’s season is going very well!


And finally, we’re always keen to hear of any reference sources business leaders use to fuel their learning and growth, are there any books or podcasts that have help you that you’d like to recommend?
For podcasts I like to keep it quite general with ‘The High Performance’ podcast and ‘Diary of a CEO’. For sporting and mindset means, I enjoy ‘Without limits’ also.

For books, I am massively into Irish rugby stars autobiography’s, the mindset of high-level sporting professionals is one to admire. The 5am club by Robin Sharma and Atomic Habits are two books I’ve read this year and thoroughly enjoyed also.