The Evolution of Tatler and the Arrival of its Exclusive Address Book

Tatler Address Book

Tatler, a name echoing the 17th-century literary and society journal, embarked on its illustrious journey on July 3, 1901, as "The Tatler" under the visionary guidance of Clement Shorter, a renowned British journalist, literary citric and collector of the works of the Bronte sisters. Originating as a platform for society and drama, the magazine swiftly became a revered source for reporting high society balls, charity events, and cutting-edge fashion. It featured whimsical cartoons by renowned artists such as "The Tout" and H. M. Bateman, establishing itself as a trendsetter.

In 1940, Tatler underwent a significant transformation, absorbing "The Bystander", a notable weekly tabloid magazine, emerging as "The Tatler and Bystander." Over the years, the publication navigated numerous metamorphoses and changes in ownership. Notably, when under Guy Wayte's Illustrated County Magazine group, it had a brief stint as the "London Life". Reverting back to "Tatler & Bystander” in 1977, showcasing resilience and a commitment to its heritage.

In another key era, Tatler's dynamic evolution reached new heights in 1979 when Tina Brown assumed the role of editor. Her infusion of vitality and wit propelled the magazine into the limelight, attracting attention and culminating in its rebranding as Tatler in 1982 and acquisition by Condé Nast. Continuing the legacy, Kate Reardon, who joined as editor in 2011, maintained Tatler's status as Condé Nast's wealthiest magazine by audience income. However, in 2017, Reardon departed, and Richard Dennen took the editorial reins, ushering in another new era for Tatler.

Dennen, having actually begun his career at Tatler and enriched by notable stints at The Sunday Times and The Mail on Sunday, brought fresh energy and perspectives to the magazine. His editorial choices, including commissioning Nigerian painter Oluwole Omofemi for a significant piece on Queen Elizabeth II, injected a contemporary touch into Tatler's rich heritage, resonating with a global audience.

One of Tatler's remarkable adaptations to the changing times was evident in the three-part documentary series "Posh People: Inside Tatler," broadcast by the BBC in 2014. This behind-the-scenes exploration showcased the magazine's editorial team navigating the intricacies of their roles, offering viewers a glimpse into the inner workings of this iconic publication.


International Reach, Collaborations, and Exclusive Events

Today, Tatler proudly labels itself as the "bible for the global jet set," underscoring its commitment to catering to the lifestyles and experiences of influential individuals worldwide. Its influence extends beyond borders, evident in the international collaborations, events, and sponsorships that have become synonymous with the Tatler brand.

Over the years, Tatler has fostered collaborations with leading luxury brands, creating exclusive content and events that resonate with its discerning readership. Notable collaborations include high-profile fashion shoots with renowned designers, showcasing the intersection of high society and cutting-edge style.

Tatler's presence at international events, from film festivals to high-profile galas, has further solidified its standing as a global authority on luxury and high society. The magazine's sponsorship of prestigious events also aligns with its mission to be at the forefront of global trends, ensuring its readers are always informed and connected to the pinnacle of societal happenings.


Tatler's Address Book: A Testament to Exclusivity and Quality

Describing itself as the "bible for the global jet set," Tatler continues to position itself as a magazine dedicated to guiding its readers to exceptional places and events. This commitment gave rise to Tatler's exclusive Address Book. Published annually, it’s a testament to the enduring importance of exclusivity and quality in the world of high society.

Tatler's address book is an exclusive directory that acknowledges its readers' desire to track down the exceptional and the best across all professional sectors. Enness proudly maintains its listing this year, featuring as the sole brand within the property finance section. Our CEO, Islay Robinson, is also prominently featured in the Expertise Corner section, reflecting his deep expertise in the luxury, high-net-worth property financing domain.

Islay commented, “This recognition reinforces our commitment to excellence and distinguishes Enness as a leader in the field whilst underscoring our continued dedication to offering unparalleled support to our clients in the realm of high-end international property finance”.

In conclusion, Tatler's storied journey is not only a testament to its rich history but also an exploration of its global influence, collaborations, and commitment to exclusivity and quality. As Enness proudly continues its association with Tatler, we look forward to contributing to the magazine's legacy and maintaining our position as a leader in the world of luxury property finance.


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