Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes, hosts of the High-Performance Podcast, are running a corporate away day in Jersey on October 12th, 2023.

The event is organised and hosted by Enness Global.

The ticketed Away Day will be followed by a three-course dinner, with Jake and Damian participating in a Q&A session with attendees. Businesses from various industries and talent across Jersey can attend the Away Day and/or dinner to explore new horizons, gain new perspectives, foster growth, and empower success through the lens of being a high-performing individual and team.


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Corporate Away Day

10am – 4pm

Price Per Person: £1000 

The cost of the corporate Away Day does not include dinner tickets. There are a total of 30 Away Day Tickets.


3 Course Dinner

7pm – 10pm

Dinner (Table of 10): £1,350. There are 200 tickets available for dinner.



Jersey Rugby Club 

Rue Des Landes

St Peter


For companies that purchase a table of ten for the dinner, your attendees will be seated together. We will require the contact details of attendees in advance, but they do not have to be from your company: you can invite guests if you wish. Please contact us if you are an individual that would like to book a single seat at the Away Day or dinner.

Enness Global is hosting and arranging the High Performance Away Day and dinner. Tickets for the Away Day and dinner are available separately and are for purchase at cost: Enness will front the cost of the event and organise it but will not make any profit from the event. Enness will organise an auction to benefit a local charity during the dinner.

Both events are expected to be very popular. There are 30 Away Day places, and we encourage local businesses to allow for individual representation, sending a few participants, rather than trying to buy out the event so we can ensure a cross-section of industries and talent can benefit from the Away Day. To this end, Enness reserves the right to allocate tickets on the basis of having a variety of participants and companies present at the Away Day and dinner.