Wine Tasting in Dubai

Cult Wines is changing the fine wine industry for producers, collectors, investors, and wine enthusiasts. Combining their expertise with digital platforms, cutting-edge technology, and a globalized infrastructure to reshape how customers purchase, sell, invest, and collect fine wines.

Cult Wines' products and services support and enrich the whole life cycle of fine wine, allowing it to reach its full potential. Unparalleled access to the wider community and ecosystem of wine makes them the ideal choice for producers and end consumers alike.

This may Cult Wines is hosting an exclusive wine tasting event in Dubai. Where you will be able to not just taste the most exquisite wines but also gain insight into wine investments and more. If you are located in Dubai and love wine do not let this opportunity slip and sign up to secure your space. 


Date: 26/05/22

Location: Isola, Dubai 


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