Unlocking £1.7M in Liquidity through Innovative Single Stock Loan Solutions


Zara Akbar

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Zara Akbar

Zara Akbar

Key Facts: 

  • Security Value:  Above £3 m 
  • Loan Amount: Above £1.7 m 
  • LTV: 55%
  • Share Type: UK-listed stock

We recently met a client who is an entrepreneur residing in London. They are a founder and CEO of a global manufacturing company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The client sought ways to create liquidity to invest in a new venture. After discussing the client’s current position and assets, it turned out they had accumulated a significant holding in the listed company they had founded and subsequently floated almost ten years ago.  

Having previously only considered a Lombard Loan from their private bank, which only gave low loan to values, they were surprised and delighted with the terms we could source for them from our panel of specialist lenders.  Indicative terms were presented to the client within 72 hours of our first meeting, and the loan was drawn down four weeks later.

Single stock loans are typically more complex to arrange, where Enness adds significant value and saves precious time for clients by knowing precisely which lenders will fit which borrowers and their specific stock(s).

Contact us now if you are looking for a loan against a single stock position or a portfolio.

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