Swiss Mortgage - Residential Property

International Mortgages

Product Details

  • Minimum loan amount: 2 Million CHF

  • LTV: 80%

  • Interest Rate: 1.35% Variable or Fixed

  • Lender Fee: 1%

Whether or not you are considering a holiday home as a resident or non-resident, property finance will be a primary consideration. 

The costs of property in Switzerland can mean that a cash purchase is impractical and difficult to arrange. Creating several million francs in liquidity can mean you will need to dispose of assets or investments, which may not be fiscally beneficial and mean you cannot enjoy any future appreciation. Depending on your situation, a mortgage may also be more advantageous from a tax perspective than buying a property in cash. 

Enness will support you to access competitive finance. Switzerland’s private banks can offer very advantageous mortgage products, many of which can be negotiated for the right borrower depending on your background and requirements. Other lenders and a variety of packages and products will also be available, and other lenders do offer property finance in Switzerland, which can be interesting to consider. Whatever your nationality, situation and however much you want to borrow, Enness will be able to talk you through your options and the lenders that will be best suited to you.