French Mortgage

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Product Details

  • LTV: 70%
  • Rate: 1.25% + EURIBOR €3 Million 
  • Interest only 7 years
  • AUM: 20% of loan amount - min €1,000,000 AUM 
  • Lender Fee: 0.8%

France is one of the most popular property markets for foreign nationals: we are all aware of the chic appeal of Paris, the enduring allure of the Riviera in the summer or the freshness of the mountains in winter.

The French mortgage market is competitive and complex for foreign national or non-resident is particularly and lots of different elements can be negotiated, depending on where you are prepared to be flexible or grant concessions to lenders in return for a better deal or more advantageous rates. It's very typical to have ''non-negotiables,'' too. These are often just as important as the terms you are looking for, and Enness will be able to negotiate a mortgage for you that takes of your wishes into consideration. With a firm understanding of what you want, Enness will look at what to present and emphasise to lenders to present your case as powerfully as possible.

Here at Enness, we are lucky to work with many of the leading experts in the French market: real estate agents, search agents, notaries, and developers to provide you with the best terms.