What Type of Mortgage Lending does Enness Offer?

What type of mortgage lending does Enness offer?

Islay Robinson

Enness is a global mortgage broker offering an array of solutions to high net worth individuals from around the world.    

With offices in London, Monaco, Dubai, Jersey, Ibiza, and another soon to open in Geneva, we work with hundreds of lenders to provide financing solutions for straightforward transactions, through to the most complex of scenarios. 

We are proud to have worked on some of the biggest mortgage transactions in the UK and internationally.  

Here are some of the lending we specialise in arranging:

Large residential loans in the UK and Europe 

Enness facilitates mortgages for a wide range of wealthy clients looking for a home in the UK and Europe.  

Many high street lenders cap loan sizes or have limited appetite for foreign national borrowers.    

However, private banks and institutional lenders are more than willing to fund higher value purchases. Private banks will lend from 60-65% loan to value (LTV) right up to 85% LTV in certain cases. Assets under management (AUM) may or may not be a part of these deals. 

With interest rates in the UK and Europe and at record lows, Enness can secure mortgage rates at around 1-2% on residential purchases. Through our extensive network of lender connections, we always negotiate the best rates and terms for our clients.    

Large buy to let mortgages in the UK and Europe 

Many of Enness’ clients are international investors adding to portfolios with high value properties in London, Paris and other major prime European markets.   

Buy to let finance is typically based on the rental income generated by the property, and available at up to 75% LTV.  

Rental income usually needs to cover 100-150% of the monthly mortgage payments; however, this is less important for clients with sufficient income or wealth. 

Enness knows how to present cases to lenders so the overall financial picture is taken into account and benefits the borrower. 

Mortgages against properties owned for no specific purpose  

Lenders typically want to understand the purpose of a property before providing a mortgage – whether it’s for development, residential or rental. 

However, in some cases, investors may not yet know, want to commit or disclose the long-term purpose of a property.  

At Enness, we work with a wide range of lenders, institutions and individuals that can offer financing for discreet purposes. 

Through our approach, we can create solutions for clients with the most unique circumstances and requirements.  

Mortgages where the client is asset rich and income poor 

High net worth individuals often have wealth that is illiquid and tied up in various investments or business ventures.   

At Enness, we take a holistic view of each client’s finances to utilise all aspects of wealth and create bespoke financing solutions.  

Interest-only mortgages are one tool at our disposal, and readily available to high net worth borrowers, to help keep monthly repayments low. Or in some cases, it might be appropriate to create a Lombard loan or securities-based lending loan. These funds can then be used to increase the deposit on a property, thus lowering repayments. 

We work with clients from across the world and with the most complex of profiles to find the funding required in each case.  

Mortgages with or without Assets Under management (AUM)  

High net worth borrowers may have, or be able to place, AUM with lenders such as private banks.  

AUM can help secure a lower interest rate and create more options where the client has a particularly complex financial profile. Lenders may ask for AUM at a flat £500,000 or up to 30% of the loan amount.  

However, clients may be happy with current investment arrangements and not want to transfer assets. Known as ‘dry’ lending, Enness also arranges mortgages without AUM.  

We have access to a range of lenders that will offer competitive financing for high-value loans without demanding AUM.   

Bridging finance  

Bridging or short-term financing solutions provide fast funding secured against property, both in the UK and internationally. 

The loans can be vital in cases that need a fast turnaround or where high net worth individuals want to take advantage of an opportunity quickly.  

Bridging can also be used to secure a new home while awaiting the sale of an existing property or be used to pay off an existing mortgage without entering into a long-term fixed rate. 

Interest on bridging loans is charged monthly but can be rolled up and paid back at the end of the term to help with short-term cashflow.  

Enness has extensive connections to private banks, as well as specialist lenders that can provide short-term finance. In some cases, this means we can create a degree of competition to get the best rates possible. 

Development finance  

Enness organises funding for high-end development projects in a range of jurisdictions, whether investors are looking to increase a property’s value, rental income or both. 

Specialist development finance works in part as a normal mortgage, providing investors with a portion of the capital needed to buy a property at around 70% LTV.  But, unlike a normal mortgage, funding for the development works is also covered.  

This aspect of the arrangement depends on the Gross Development Value – the expected value of the finished property. 

The two portions of capital are drawn down at different stages, with interest on the development funding accumulating at the point it is taken.     

Commercial finance  

Enness offers finances for all types of commercial property, from houses in multiple occupations (HMOs) to mixed-use properties, up to hotels and leisure complexes in the UK and internationally. 

Our clients are from a range of backgrounds and can be in any location.  

We organise financing for new assets, restructuring existing debt, releasing equity, or solving any other problem.  

Lenders have specific niches and specialise in different areas of this market; through our expertise and connections, we are able to match clients with the appropriate company for financing.  

This saves time and creates the most cost-effective deals for borrowers.  

Asset finance 

Enness finds suitable funding for businesses to acquire new and second-hand assets with minimal capital outlay. 

We also create equity for business owners by releasing value from pre-owned assets of all types. These assets can include additional business premises, as well as equipment or the implementation of a team to help develop a business.  Loans are often secured against existing assets or can against the assets they have been used to purchase.     

Through our lender contacts and specialised advisers, Enness creates tailor-made flexible funding agreements for all types of businesses.  

Loans against any other security 

Securities based lending provides funding for high net worth individuals with securities to use as collateral.  

Stocks, funds or fixed income and bonds are among the securities that will be accepted for funding purposes.   

The loans are fast, flexible and offer competitive interest rates. And through these arrangements, borrowers can use their wealth to buy a property, without disrupting long-term investment strategies. 

Different lenders specialise in different asset areas. At Enness, we can arrange these loans for clients, with the appropriate lender matched to each individual client.