Can I get a commercial property mortgage in Europe?

3rd Feb 18

Chris Whitney

Can I get a commercial property mortgage in Europe?

Chris Whitney

Obtaining commercial finance can seem daunting enough, but if you add an international location into the mix, the process can become extremely complicated. However, with the right advice, you can certainly secure a commercial property mortgage in Europe.  If you’re currently looking for international commercial finance, there are a number of challenges you could face—but as Enness International celebrates its first birthday, our European finance offering is stronger than ever, meaning we’re on hand to help regardless of your requirements.

The problems of securing commercial property mortgage in Europe

You may not have a strong knowledge of the local market. Even if you’re an experienced commercial investor in the UK or your home country, each country will have its own quirks in regard to tax and valuations. You may also be working across different legal jurisdictions. Enness has a network of specialists who can assist on these issues, so we can ensure that you are in contact with the right people to make your transaction run smoothly.

Lenders will also approach your case differently depending on a variety of factors. The location will obviously play an important role in the property’s desirability, which in turn contributes to the lender’s perception of your exit strategy. The exit strategy is important for lenders because they need to know the property will sell if they ever end up in possession of it.

Location also affects the political risk of the investment. Furthermore, in some locations, you will need local approval to purchase—so having access to a network of contacts through Enness can be invaluable.

How can Enness help with your commercial property mortgage in Europe?

Enness has worked hard to build relationships with lenders from across the globe, in addition to growing an extensive network of contacts who can support you with secondary services for your international commercial finance.  We can put you in touch with lenders, legal and tax advisers, property valuation services, and FX specialists to ensure your international commercial finance is completed efficiently.

We can obtain a mortgage for any commercial property generating an income, including but not limited to hotels, office blocks and distribution centres. We can access loans on commerical property for any global location. If you’re looking for international property finance but don’t think it fits under the commercial bracket, Enness also has a multilingual team in our Enness International office who would be delighted to assist you.