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Islay Robinson


Islay Robinson

On 21st March, Enness Global hosted an exclusive VIP dinner at London's prestigious Nomad Hotel. The hotel is based opposite the Royal Opera House, near Convent Garden, and is housed in the former Bow Street Magistrates' Court. Built-in 1880, it underwent a sympathetic yet radical transformation that was completed in 2021. Creating a unique and world-class hotel, dining and events venue.

Coaching for greatness

The event, hosted by Enness's CEO, Islay Robinson and his leadership team, was devoted to helping attendees better understand the drivers and enablers of high performance. Featuring a bespoke personal coaching session delivered by the brilliant Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes from the highly acclaimed High Performance Podcast

The High Performance podcast launched in 2020, initially as a means to explore the success of high achievers from various industries. But quickly turned into lessons of inspiration and determination to not only better and motivate listeners around the world, but themselves.

Many will be familiar with the podcast and its hosts. Jake Humphrey is the former face of Premier League and Champions Leader football on BT Sport, as well as the previous host of BBC's Bafta-winning Formula One coverage. He also co-founded Whisper, one of Europe's fastest-growing independent production companies in 2011.

His co-presenter, Damian, is an international speaker and bestselling author who has succeeded in combining his practical and academic background within the world of sport. His research has been praised by the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, and Muhammed Ali.

Attracting the Planet's Highest Performers

At the time of writing, Jake and Damian have overseen over 300 podcast releases, featuring notable leaders from all walks of life, including; Brent Hoberman, Simon Sinek, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gordon Ramsey and Jonny Wilkinson. Plus released two best-selling books, hosted 10 live events and also launched an official app, providing direct access to their podcast episodes and exclusive content.

Islay commented, 'Understanding what drives high performance has always been at the heart of our business. It fuels our success and guides our growth and improvement, shaping how we lead, partner, and collaborate better.

As 2024 gets underway, we're thrilled to have been joined by a large gathering of esteemed partners, friends and contemporaries for an insightful exploration of elite individuals' psychological tactics and approaches. The intent is now to use these insights to help us all better capitalise on the upcoming year's opportunities.

So I'd like to personally thank Jake and Damian for their help in making this happen, and I look forward to seeing how all those attending take their insights and learnings forward'.

Committed to Growth

This event is one of a number delivered by Enness, including the Rising Stars events, which are dedicated to helping upcoming industry talent connect, collaborate, and grow. For more information, please get in touch with Enness at: [email protected]

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