Remortgage for Foreign National

UK Mortgages

Product Details

  • Loan Amount: ≥ £500,000 
  • LTV: 75%
  • 3 year Tracker: Base rate + 0.99% 
  • 5 Year Fixed: 4.69%
  • Application Fee: Free
  • Product Fee: Free

You can consider remortgaging any time you think you will get a more competitive mortgage or when you think you can take advantage of a cheaper product offered by another lender. 

Sometimes, it will be beneficial to remortgage to a short-term fixed product, and in other cases, a longer-term fixed product will be more advantageous. One of the best times to consider refinancing is when base rates rise or fall because lenders often bring new products onto the market. It can seem counterintuitive to refinance when rates rise. Still, switching to longer-term rates may be advantageous because lenders make them more competitive than short-term fixed rates, and you can benefit from more financial certainty regarding what you will pay. 

You may also want to consider refinancing when: 

  • When your current term is coming to an end
  • In situations where different mortgage products become available or lenders offer more competitive packages
  • If your plans have changed and another mortgage product would offer you more flexibility or the ability to meet your objectives or plans for your property more effectively
  • If you took out your mortgage when interest rates were higher than they are currently, or new products were available that would suit your needs better than your current mortgage

Specialists in high-value property finance, Enness has a proven track record assisting high-net-worth individuals to remortgage. Whether your present terms are coming to an end, if you want to explore cheaper alternatives or you want to break a mortgage for any reason, Enness will be able to help.

Contact Enness to have a no-obligation chat about your plans, to answer any questions or simply find out more about remortgaging.