Complex Property Finance for Non-UK Residents

UK Mortgages

Product Details

  • Up to 75% loan to value 
  • Rate: 3.14% - 3 year discounted variable 
  • Max loan: £3,500,000
  • Interest only, 5 year term

The mortgage rate you will be offered in the UK varies widely based on who you are, a UK national or foreign national, the part of the market you are operating in, the quality of your advice and what you are trying to do. Each lender has their own specialisation and position in the market where they excel. They also have lending criteria, interest rates, processes and oddities which are specific to them.

The UK's finance options are plentiful. There are huge pools of liquidity (some of it incredibly cheap), and you can enjoy flexible lending terms. If you are a foreign national, expat, a high-net-worth individual, are self-employed, have significant assets but relatively low taxable income or anything in between, the UK mortgage market will have an option for you.

Enness specialises in helping high-net-worth and international individuals secure the best possible mortgage finance in the UK. If you have unusual circumstances and need to secure lending to purchase a property, Enness is the specialist for you.