Foreign national Australian mortgage, maximum 70% LTV


Islay Robinson

Foreign national Australian mortgage, maximum 70% LTV
Islay Robinson

Islay Robinson

There are many variables to consider when securing a foreign national Australian mortgage on a standard LTV up to 70%. The following information will give you an idea of what to expect, key features, income qualification together with fees.

Loan to Value: Up to 70%

Rate: 4.6% + 2.25% Lender Management Fee

Key Features: Purchase of OTP new property, Land & Construction. Loans up to 70% of valuation

Loan Option: Principal + Interest

Income Qualification: 80% of Net Income; 80% of Rent

Term: Minimum 5 years

Maximum Loan Amount: $1,500,000 New South Wales, $900,000 Queensland, $Individual Assessment WA

Apartment Size: Minimum 50 sqm

Borrower Type: Salary employee (PAYG), Self-employed or Company Directors

Acceptable Currency: All Currencies acceptable subject to shading

Split Loans: Able to split loan into more than one portion

Credit History: Clear credit history (foreign country accepted)

Fees: Processing / Valuation $550
Loan Application Fee 3.0% of the loan
Company Incorporation $2,400
Progress inspection valuation fees $695
Lenders Legal Fees $3,000

Benefits to Borrower: The investor will save the stamp duty and land tax surcharge as property and title is held in Australia Pty Ltd. Read more about loans on land. Company as well as the ghost tax surcharge for absentee owners and no risk fee.

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