£850,000 Loan to a Client Requiring a Unique Ownership Borrowing Structure

4th October 2023
£850,000 Loan to a Client Requiring a Unique Ownership Borrowing Structure

Key Details:

  • Client: UK national & resident and Polish national Swiss resident
  • Property Value: £1,000,000
  • Loan amount: £850,000
  • LTV: 85%

This client approached Enness with a unique requirement - to acquire a residence in London while primarily relying on their self-employed Swiss Franc income for affordability. Holding Swiss residency, they had additional concerns regarding tax implications and desired to be excluded from the property title.

The client's situation presented several challenges:

  • Foreign income, especially one tied to the Swiss Franc, raised concerns for many lenders due to the inherent risks associated with currency fluctuations.
  • The client's non-residency in the property's jurisdiction further complicated the financing process.
  • The complexity of self-employed income, compounded by its foreign origin, required a lender with a deep understanding of these intricacies.

Enness, with our extensive network of lenders and expertise in structuring complex deals, provided a timely and effective solution to address these challenges. Our approach included:

  • Leveraging Our Network: Enness tapped into the wide-ranging lender connections to identify financial institutions willing to accommodate foreign income, even when the client was not a resident in the property's jurisdiction.
  • Competitive Loan-To-Value (LTV): Enness secured the client's high Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio, allowing them to maintain most of their wealth overseas. This competitive LTV met the client's financial requirements and minimised their exposure to potential currency risks.
  • Tax Mitigation: Recognising the client's concern about tax implications, Enness worked closely with tax advisors and legal experts to devise a strategy to optimise the client's tax position while aligning with their desire to be excluded from the property title.

Through Enness' efforts and expertise, the client successfully acquired their desired residence in London while primarily relying on their Swiss Franc income. Enness ensured competitive financing terms and safeguarded the client's financial interests by effectively addressing tax implications.


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