Capital Raise against Prime UK Location Property

Mortgage Broker

Zain Zaidi

Luxury Property
Zain Zaidi
Mortgage Broker

Zain Zaidi

  • Client: Offshore Company with connections to Africa
  • Property Value: Above £10,000,000
  • Loan Amount: Circa £200,000

In this case, Enness was approached by an overseas client who had a large property in a prime UK location, and was in the process of selling. The client needed short-term liquidity to cover business expenses, as the asset needed to be completed in a matter of weeks. The challenge for this case was getting a lender who was comfortable with the asset being held in an overseas structure, with links to Africa. Moreover, these funds were needed in a couple of weeks.

Moving quickly, Enness obtained bespoke terms for the client with a lender who is used to offshore structures and comfortable with overseas connections. Enness successfully negotiated with the lender a way to process and progress the application in a way that would save the client time and thousands of pounds in valuation fees.

Enness has access to over 500 lenders globally and an extensive international presence, allowing us to solve complex situations that clients may not think of at the outset. We also have solid relationships with lenders, so we can negotiate terms outside of policy, whether it saves the client money or allows them to borrow more; we are the best-placed brokerage to do this on your behalf.

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