Bespoke facility to support expanding fashion business

6th February 2019

Chris Whitney

Bespoke facility to support expanding fashion business
Chris Whitney

Chris Whitney

Key figures:

£2.15M property

1st Charge – £500K

2nd Charge – £325K

0.25% interest on undrawn balance

1.05% interest on drawn amounts

What was the property?

A £2.15M property based in London; a beautiful converted Victorian school house.

Who was the client?

The client was a high-profile individual, well-known within the fashion industry.

What were they looking for?

My client was looking for a loan to assist with her international fashion business, which was growing rapidly. It had to be flexible enough that she could withdraw funds at short notice and, ideally, only be charged interest on the drawn amounts. She found high street banks were unable to assist her with finance to support the necessary cashflow for expansion, as the products they offered did not provide the flexibility she required.

Why was this case difficult?

No such facility existed in the market at the time, which is why she approached us at Enness; we specialise in bespoke property finance solutions, and I was happy to assist.

What was the process?

A specialist lender, with whom I have a proven and trusted relationship with, allowed me to negotiate a bespoke product for my client which would facilitate her needs.

The solution:

I was able to arrange a loan of £325K, which would be made available to her over 2 years, secured as a 2nd charge on her current residence. This would give my client complete flexibility and the necessary capital to expand her company.

This custom product charged a very low base interest rate at 0.25% charged on undrawn amounts and a higher rate at 1.05% on the drawn rates, which suited her requirements perfectly.

My client was extremely happy with the flexible facility I had managed to secure and could finally continue making waves within the fashion industry. This was only possible because of the strength of my influence and relationship with the lender who assisted me in creating this bespoke product.

This is just one example of how Enness can help new and established businesses succeed where the high street banks may not have the facility to do so.

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