Toby Johncox Takes the Seat as Managing Director at Enness Global

Islay Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Enness, provided the following comment on Toby Johncox's recent promotion and Hugh stepping down as a Director of the businss. 


Toby Johncox

"Exciting day at Enness Global where we see Toby Johncox take the Managing Director seat from Hugh Wade-Jones, who steps back from Enness and has resigned as a director to move on to other opportunities.

Toby has been with Enness for nearly seven years and has done an excellent job for us. Initially steering the Dubai business from an idea to a functioning company. That progressed into him running the entire company's sales team from sunny Dubai. 

In reality, however, Toby has been in the MD role since he returned to London 2 years ago and has been influential in developing what we have today, especially from a cultural and structural basis. Looking forward to seeing what sparkle he can add to the role and the business.

Enness is in super shape - UK mortgages have taken a bit of a recent beating for all the reasons we all know, but for us, that looks like a historical blip rather than anything systemic. 

Our other business lines have more than compensated for that period with corporate finance, international mortgages, UK specialist finance and securities finance, all growing market share and position.

Looking forward in Enness, we have two new HNW service lines coming to market by the end of the year, and I look forward to working with Toby and the senior team on these plans.

I don't get to say goodbye to Hugh as we are involved in and have a few other plans in mind. 

What's next - well, Hugh called me yesterday (actual call, unannounced, and not a voicemail or WhatsApp message) to say we should build a bank. 

All the best ideas start a little crazy."


- Islay Robinson, CEO