Best securities-based lending product

1st October 2020
Islay Robinson GROUP CEO

Islay Robinson

Best securities-based lending product

Islay Robinson

Securities-based lending (SBL) is a flexible, cost-effective way for high net worth individuals to access funding fast.  

The loans use securities as collateral, with shares, stocks and bonds among the investments that can be used to secure lending.   

This line of credit is a useful avenue for borrowers who don’t want to liquidise investments.  

It means individuals can utilise all part of their wealth in a mortgage transaction without having to sell investments. 

Offered by private banks and large financial institutions to wealthy borrowers looking for capital, this type of lending starts from around £1m with no upper limit.  

At Enness, we work with trusted partners to deliver securities-based lending as part of an overall mortgage transaction.  

Here are the typical terms a borrower can expect from lending products arranged through Enness. 

Headline details 

  • Interest rate: 3.25%  
  • Loan amount £5.5m  
  • Term offered: 24 months
  • No arrangement fees  
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