Product of the week: commercial property finance up to £2.5million

Product of the week: commercial property finance up to £2.5million

Are you looking for commercial property finance, but have complex background issues such as being a foreign national? This is a surprisingly difficult proposition, as those applying for commercial property finance are limited in their options.

Although the large retail banks take up an important place in the market, clients with complex requirements often find themselves disappointed by these lenders, whose strict requirements and constraints often mean they will only assist clients with very mainstream profiles.

This is often not the case for business people, investors and entrepreneurs, especially those who have an international presence. Fortunately, we have a close relationship with a lender who can offer commercial property finance to a range of clients at very competitive prices.

What type of commercial property finance do they offer?

Available up to a maximum loan size of £2.5million, from a minimum size of £200,000, this lender is happy to provide borrowing for a range of commercial property types with a variety of intended uses. They are happy to lend on properties across England and Wales, and can offer loans on an interest only or repayment basis, up to 65% loan to value.

Most unusual is that this lender can work with foreign national clients who have limited or no credit history in the UK. The rates available to you will be dependent on your personal background; for clients with the simplest profiles, we can achieve rates as low as 4.5%.

Realistically, many of our foreign national clients could look to achieve 4.75-5%, which is a fantastic offering; this is one of the cheapest lenders on the market. Other similar lenders will typically charge upwards of 7%.

This product is offered on a variable rate, but this is not tracked in line with the Bank of England, and has not risen in recent years.  All of this lender’s mortgages are underwritten on an individual basis, meaning you can secure a solution which is suited to your individual circumstances.

If you need commercial property finance up to £2.5million, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I would be very happy to talk you through your options.