An Exclusive Interview with Tamara Crowson, our New Head of Scotland

Tamara Crowson

Firstly, huge congratulations on your new role. What inspired you to join Enness Global as their new Head of Scotland?


Thank you, I am delighted to be part of the team! I’ve worked collaboratively with Enness providing complex mortgage solutions both locally and internationally over the years and have been so impressed by their client focused approach.

Through this I was able to see first-hand their exceptional knowledge, amazing people, global reach and how they always deliver first class outcomes for a client’s holistic financial needs. To be able to bring this to Scotland is incredibly exciting and I can’t wait to get going!


What’s been the most significant moment or milestone in your professional journey that has shaped your approach to business, and led you to this point in your career?


Having spent 25 years in financial services I’m finding it hard to pick just one! Investing all these years in building a portfolio of UHNW / HNW private clients within Scotland, London and internationally, along with a broad professional network, has certainly shaped my career path.

There is an amazing power in learning from people, and having been a part of so many journeys has been transformational. It has provided me with a unique viewpoint, and extensive knowledge across many varied sectors and enabled me to develop longstanding, trusted relationships. I find value in every experience, they have all been essential in helping me sculpture how I support my clients in a way that suits their exact needs.


For those unfamiliar with its intricacies, how would you describe the super prime property market in Scotland?


Scotland really has it all if you’re looking to purchase a property. With our incredible landscapes, vibrant cities and culture we have seen increased growth in the prime property market. The number of £1m plus house sales in Scotland hit a new annual high last year, while Edinburgh continues to dominate there has been a significant growth in other locations such as Glasgow, Aberdeen, East Lothian and the stunning St Andrews coastline.

Confidence has continued to increase in the past year with buyers coming from both locally and outside the UK. Many of whom are attracted to the lifestyle it affords with exceptional universities and schools providing the ideal solution to hybrid working. From historic townhouses, dramatic coastlines to castles and sprawling highland estates

there really is something for everyone.


And what trends are you currently observing locally when it comes to high value mortgage finance?


Scotland and Edinburgh in particular are a hub of financial services with a plethora of lending providers, however borrowers seeking high value mortgage finance can often struggle to find a lender to meet their needs.

We have seen a tightening of restrictions in lending criteria in the past few years and simplification of products all making it more difficult for borrowers to find the right solution to their needs. High value mortgage financing is incredibly bespoke and often complex.

Supporting clients with a high value mortgage requires detailed understanding of their overall situation not just relying on the basics of income alone. So often when they approach their traditional lender this can prove to be very difficult.

Achieving the best solution takes expertise, detailed knowledge of the market and a true understanding of HNW individuals all of which Enness excel at.


When considering Enness Global’s reputation for being the ‘go to mortgage broker of the super-rich’, what opportunities do you see in Scotland?


Scotland is a country of creative entrepreneurs and trailblazers, business owners and generational Scots where many HNW and UHNW individuals call home. Enness are undoubtedly world market leaders in supporting clients secure finance. That has always been in my opinion down to two main things; our people and dedication to our clients and their families.

With our global reach and extensive knowledge of markets and access to funders we deliver solutions others simply can’t.

I have spent the last 25 years working in Financial Services in Scotland and during that time had the pleasure of working alongside Enness on many occasions providing complex mortgage solutions both locally and internationally. That is why I am so excited about the opportunity here in Scotland, being able to support locally with an undoubtedly world leading finance brokerage, we can provide holistic solutions to suit every need.


Enness believes in collaboration and the power of teams. But how would you describe your leadership philosophy, and how will you use this to inspire and motivate those around you?


My leadership philosophy has always been very simple; ‘Lead with Integrity, be authentic and appreciate the values and skills of others’.

In my experience the best leaders are those who encourage and empower their team to be the best that they can be. I once read a quote “The strength of a team is each individual member but the strength of each member is the team".

I couldn’t agree more, I live my values, listen, appreciate and support my team and that in turn hopefully supports, motivates and inspires others. Enness embodies all of this and was one of the key reasons I was so pleased to have become part of the team.


This is a brand new role at Enness, and as such what aspect are you most excited about?


From the moment we discussed the opportunity of Enness Scotland I could not have been more enthusiastic and driven to see it become a reality. It is unique in many ways especially providing global access and support to the wonderful market that is Scottish finance. If I were to pick one thing it would be simply getting out there speaking to all of my wonderful contacts and professionals about all of the incredible things we can support them with.


Enness operates across several international offices, but what advantages are there to you being based in Scotland?


Understanding the local markets and economic landscape is essential. Along with building long standing, trusted relationships it is the most rewarding part of my role and being here in Scotland is essential to that.

I have the ability to meet clients 'face to face’ and to truly understand the complexities of any financial needs they may have and in turn provide the best solutions available. All of that while getting to live in the most beautiful country in the world.


Outside of the world of work how do you like to spend your time, unwind and stay fresh?


I live in the beautiful Scottish Borders so have easy access to incredible countryside and the wonderful restaurants and vibrant scenes of both Edinburgh and Glasgow aren’t too far away.

Having a young family I spend a lot of time in the great Scottish outdoors, weather permitting of course, I also love to travel. Scotland is such a wonderful place with so much to see, that said, I can't wait to work my way around the world of Enness Offices meet my new colleagues!


And finally, we’re always keen to hear of any reference sources business leaders use to fuel their learning and growth, are there any books or podcasts that have help you that you’d like to recommend?


I have just reread Small Giants by Bo Burlingham. If you’ve not read it, it’s about companies staying true to their values, choosing to be great rather than big. A very insightful read, bold and creative.

Also in the past few years I have become as many an avid fan of podcasts, when life is so busy it’s a wonderful way to learn. You can often find me listening to the FT News Briefing podcast or Diary of a CEO.


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