The best European mortgages for high net worth borrowers

The best European mortgages for high net worth borrowers

Islay Robinson

There are various reasons which may motivate high net worth individuals to buy a property abroad. An overseas home could be a second base for work, an expansion and diversification of an investment portfolio or quite simply a retreat in a cherished part of the world.  

The uncertain outlook for the global economy pushes wealthy individuals to seek tangible safe haven assets for capital, or in some locations may result in buying opportunities.  

As a result, there is no respite in the trend for international property ownership.  

Enness has an extensive contact network made up of hundreds of international lenders and banks spread across the globe. Read more about overseas mortgages.

There may be local regulations or currency issues to navigate when buying abroad. But our expertise allows us to guide clients through any hurdles and secure competitive HNW mortgage rates alongside bespoke terms.  

In Europe, we have offices Monaco, London, Jersey, Ibiza, and soon opening in Geneva, where our market knowledge and localised contacts are second to none.  

The current lending climate and very low interest rates on the continent means we can access extremely competitive rates and conditions.   

Here are some examples of the best European mortgages we can secure for high net worth borrowers.


  • Mortgage type: non-resident mortgage available for residential and buy to let properties 
  • LTV: 100% 
  • Rate: 1.2% fixed for 20 years capital and interest 
  • Term: 20-year facility 
  • Assets under management (AUM): the lender requires 30% of purchase price to be pledged as assets under management as part of the facility 


  • Mortgage type: Five–year fixed-rate, capital repayment 
  • LTV: 70% of the valuation or purchase price 
  • Term – 25 years 
  • Interest Rate: 1.25%  
  • Lender fee: 1% 
  • ConditionsClients must take out life assurance policy by completion 


  • Mortgage type: Interest-only residential or buy to let mortgage 
  • LTV: 60% 
  • Term: Five years renewable, interest only 
  • Interest Rate: 1.25% plus EURIBOR  
  • Lender fee: 0.50% 
  • AUM1m euros unpledged