Stretched Senior Debt

Development Finance

Product Details 

  • Loan Size: £5m-£15m
  • Typical Loan Term: 21 Months 
  • Arrangement & Exit Fee: 1.25% in/1.25% out
  • Rates: 5.75% over BOE base rate
  • Interest Method: Rolled
  • LTV: Max 75%
  • LTC: Max 90%

Stretched Senior Debt is a hybrid loan usually used for development to fund leveraged buyouts (LBOs). 

Enness can assist you whether you are wanting to restructure current debt, develop commercial or residential property, or get funding on favourable terms in the UK or overseas. 

Enness offers the lender access, knowledge, and qualifications to provide the finest real estate finance option for you. Enness' brokers have a proven track record of successfully executing ultra-complex agreements and multi-million-pound transactions across all asset classes.